About the Fund


Following years of displacement and attempted erasure of the Palestinian existence, a group of Palestinian change-makers in the diaspora were determined to support their homeland and their people. In 1983, their efforts culminated in the establishment of Taawon (Welfare Association) as a Palestinian non-governmental philanthropic organization registered in Geneva, Switzerland, that is dedicated to promoting the steadfastness of Palestine and Palestinians.

Taawon has a regional office in Amman, Jordan, and implements out of its offices in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Gaza, and Beirut, with a sister office in the United Kingdom (Welfare Association UK).

Over 40 years, Taawon has invested in the Palestinian people more than $899 million, which included 8,200 development and empowerment projects with over 200 partners in the areas of education, culture, youth empowerment, community development, and the Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Program, as well as ongoing humanitarian assistance.

In 2023-2025, Taawon aims to empower Palestinian people (and, in particular, youth) by designing programs based on five strategic directions: Innovation and Entrepreneurship; The Future of Jobs; Quality Education and Continuous Learning; Community Engagement; and Culture and Cultural Heritage.

Based on decades of experience in emergency appeals for Gaza, with the recent escalation of attacks Taawon instated emergency status in all its offices in Palestine. The team in Gaza is working closely with its network of experienced partner organizations on the ground to purchase and distribute needed emergency supplies within Gaza as quickly as possible, while the rest of our team is simultaneously fundraising via the appeal to acquire additional food, medical supplies, and other essential life-saving humanitarian relief, as well as for the repair of damaged houses, small businesses, schools and other public buildings and vital infrastructure, to help the people and rebuild Gaza immediately and efficiently.

Or donate by bank transfer:

Bank: Cairo Amman Bank ( بنك†القاهرة†عمان†)
Zara Mall Branch
Amman, Jordan

Account Name: Welfare Association (مؤسسة†التعاون†)
Account No.: JOD 090015060181
IBAN: JO68CAAB1430000000090015060181

Welfare Association Address in Jordan:
127 Zahran Street, Amman – Jordan
P.O.Box 840888 Amman 11184

Bank: Arab Bank (Switzerland), Geneva
Place de Longemalle 10-12, P.O. Box 3575
CH- 1211 Geneva 3

USD transfer

Account Name: Welfare Association
USD Acct. No.: 10.225200_0
IBAN: CH40 0871 9102 2520 0000 3

CHF transfer

IBAN: CH24 0871 9102 2520 0000 0

EUR transfer

IBAN: CH13 0871 9102 2520 0000 4

Welfare Association Address in Geneva:
Rue Ceard 6, c/o Serge Ganichot, avocet, 1204 Geneva
P.O.Box : 3765 CH-1211 Geneva 3, Switzerland

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