1. Network:

AFF is focusing on reactivating and expanding the network in a big way in 2022.

2. Data:

AFF is implementing three data projects in 2022

  • AFF/Dalberg Regional Survey – This is the most comprehensive regional data survey to date, covering over 150 organizations across more than 10 countries in the region.
  • GCC Survey – This is a qualitative and quantitative research project in collaboration with UBS Bank, which will culminate in a report at the end of 2022.
  • Enabling Environment Data Project – Funded by a grant from the EU, awarded by WINGS, this project will focus on Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon and will report on the status of the philanthropic ecosystem as pertains to the enabling environment in those four countries.

 3. Climate Crisis:

With COP27 (Conference of Parties – the UN’s Climate Change Conference) being hosted in Egypt in November, AFF is determined to ensure a robust presence of Arab civil society and philanthropy at the convening. AFF hopes to engage all its network members who are invested in the climate and environment crisis and intends to serve as a hub for information and activities related to COP27 throughout the year.