Ramadan Calendar 2024

Ramadan is a time of giving, and many of our members rely on donations to keep their good work going. Each year we highlight the wonderful philanthropic projects, initiatives, and events our members are working on throughout the Arab region and beyond, and, wherever possible, show you ways you can help support them. 

Check back here every day of the holy month to see who we will feature next and to donate to their incredible causes.

March 11 – March 17

March 11, 2024


SANAD focuses on projects and programs aimed at children and youth without parental care.

Their programs are designed to support orphans in becoming stable and independent individuals by the time they leave care homes at the age of 18, offering training for children, adolescents, and youth above 18 who are in the aftercare phase. They also have programs for caregivers and workers in the alternative parental care field, all of which are presented by their accredited Pearson training arm.

March 12, 2024


Led by Swisscontact in Lebanon, the Tafawoq project aims to support 500 young Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian men and women with economic empowerment and market integration. The project offers a comprehensive coaching cycle designed to equip participants with essential skills for successful labor market integration.

Beyond individual capacity building, Tafawoq places an emphasis on enabling micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to access new markets, creating vital sources of income generation. Through tailor-made trainings and innovative business solutions – including the integration of digital tools – the project adeptly supports sectors such as construction, sustainable agriculture, and textile waste management.

Tafawoq’s strategic interventions also support the establishment of an employment office, further facilitating job matching and market access for participants. This approach not only fosters economic growth but also builds resilient communities by tapping into the potential of its youth and local businesses. Check out the video to learn more!

March 13, 2024

A home in Qalandiya, before and after restoration


Since it was founded in 1991, RIWAQ has been stepping up to the crucial challenge of preserving Palestinian collective memory through projects that document and restore architectural heritage sites across the West Bank and Gaza.

One way the organization does that is through its annual “Warm Home” initiative, dedicated to supporting Palestinian families living in villages and towns by restoring and improving the living conditions in their homes. So far, RIWAQ has provided safe spaces for tens of families, and your donation this Ramadan would help it continue its mission to transform lives and homes.

March 14, 2024

LIFE for Relief and Development

This Ramadan, support LIFE for Relief and Development’s crucial efforts in Gaza.  As conflict persists, LIFE provides vital relief and sustainable development initiatives to alleviate suffering and rebuild communities. With your generous donations, they are delivering essential aid, including food, shelter, and medical assistance, while also implementing long-term projects to enhance education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

Join LIFE in making a difference in the lives of those affected by crisis. Your support during this holy month can bring hope and transformation to Gaza and beyond. Use the links below to find out more, donate, and be a beacon of light for those in need.

Social Value International

Global capital flows are increasing climate change and inequality. But they don’t have to. SVI believes that a small change to international accounting standards would create a more sustainable world. They need your help to make this possible — please contribute to their “60 Seconds to Change the World” campaign by taking their 60-second survey (link below).

What type of returns do you want from your investments? Are financial returns the only things that matter? Should international accounting standards be updated so that the social, environmental, and financial returns are taken into account?

The aim of the campaign is to show that international accounting standards can evolve to reflect the growing interest in social and environmental returns, changing the calculation of profits to direct capital flows to companies that create social, environmental, and financial returns, and reducing climate change and social inequalities in the process.

March 15, 2024

Jordan River Foundation

Established in 1995, the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Jordanian communities, particularly women and children. The organization is chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

Through its Community Empowerment Program, JRF will be conducting a job fair on March 25 in the Mafraq governorate to continue bridging the gap between beneficiaries and private-sector employers by facilitating job interviews and matching individuals with appropriate job and training opportunities. With a focus on vulnerable Jordanian and Syrian refugee youth, as well as household farmers, JRF has identified sectors such as agriculture, food processing, and industry as areas of potential employment. The event will provide a platform for individuals to explore employment prospects and enhance their livelihoods. If you would like to attend, follow the link below and fill in the form (in Arabic).

March 16, 2024

Co Profit

Co Profit is the business unit of COSV, an Italian NGO with strong experience in development cooperation around the world. Co Profit was founded to meet a cross-cutting need concerning both the “for profit” private sector and the nonprofit sector, and to promote more coherent cooperation and the exchange of expertise between those sectors.

Co Profit’s core belief is that a stronger integration of the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors is essential to improve the quality and sustainability of development interventions. Their goal is to contribute to social, sustainable, and inclusive development projects and services with innovative, measurable, and context-sensitive methodologies.

March 17, 2024


Since its launch in 1983, Taawon (Welfare Association) has become one of the largest nonprofit, civic organizations operating in Palestine and the diaspora camps in Lebanon, so far investing nearly USD 900 million in development and relief programs that improve the lives of more than one million Palestinians every year.

Taawon has been supporting the people of Gaza since the start of the Israeli bombardment. This Ramadan, the organization’s campaign “Gaza Stands Stronger” – in collaboration with United Palestinian Appeal – aims to raise USD 10 million to provide Iftar and Suhoor meals for thousands of displaced Gazans. 


March 18 – March 24

March 25 – March 31

April 1 – April 9

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