Ramadan Calendar 2024

April 1 – April 9

April 1, 2024

Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP)

The Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP), part of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, is dedicated to catalyzing greater philanthropic impact from Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Since early 2020, the CSP has provided industry-leading research, executive education, and thought leadership on philanthropy in global growth markets, producing 12 landmark industry research reports and case studies, delivering six education programs for global philanthropy executives, and hosting more than 20 convenings featuring the most prominent and influential voices in philanthropy for development. And now it is focused on supporting and elevating the crucial, ground-breaking work of its partners and collaborators in core markets.

Iftiin Foundation

Based in Somalia, the Iftiin Foundation has been empowering young people to become peacemakers and drivers of economic growth since 2013. They take a holistic eco-system approach to support ambitious entrepreneurs and drive job growth through a range of initiatives, including vocational and skills training, business incubation, entrepreneurship support, mentorship, and psychosocial care. One of their programs is similar to a mini-MBA, providing young people with an advanced understanding of business principles such as how to start and run a business, budgeting, marketing, and accessing financial services. Another is setting up Peace and Reconciliation Committees in selected cities in Southern Somalia to support the reintegration of war-affected youth by engaging clan elders, community leaders, women’s groups, youth, local government and the business population.

April 2, 2024

Culture Funding Watch

Do you have a great cultural initiative or project in mind but are struggling to find sustainable funding? Culture Funding Watch (CFW) can help, with its network of experts in resource mobilization who are passionate about supporting cultural initiatives in the Global South. Driven by its belief in equal access to information and the importance of a thriving arts and culture environment, the organization collects, sorts, and disseminates funding opportunities; offers customized resources mobilization services; builds up the long-term sustainability capacity of cultural actors and organizations; and promotes the establishment of evidence-based advocacy towards sustainable, transparent, and responsible arts funding. For up-to-date funding opportunities, visit CFW’s website and follow it on social media.

April 3, 2024

Fred Hollows Foundation

This holy month of Ramadan, the Fred Hollows Foundation would like to take you on a journey through the inspiring stories of Yusuf, Muhammad, Hala, and Luqman, which serve as reminders of the transformative power of restoring someone’s sight. The Foundation has launched an initiative to provide vital eye care services to marginalized Jordanian and refugee children in the country’s Karak, Irbid, and Zarqa Governorates, through a comprehensive school screening program to identify school children with refractive errors and correct their vision with eyeglasses.

For those identified with more complex eye conditions requiring additional treatment or surgery, the Fred Hollows Foundation will work with their local partners to provide appropriate and timely referrals for specialized treatment on a case-by-case basis. Your donation will help bring light to the eyes of children in Jordan.

This event is licensed by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD License Number: PRHCE-002775341).

April 4, 2024


Enroot, an AFF member based in Cairo, is dedicated to spearheading development programs aimed at empowering and engaging youth across various governorates in Egypt. Renowned for its expertise in evidence-based research, Enroot is committed to informing and shaping the development sector in Africa and the Middle East.

Among its flagship programs is MASAAR, an initiative designed to foster behavioral and mindset shifts among women and youth in underserved regions. MASAAR focuses on promoting entrepreneurial awareness, enhancing business development skills, and bolstering the employment ecosystem through incubation and acceleration services. Additionally, the impactful 100 Forsa (100 Opportunities) project addresses the gap in knowledge regarding labor market demands and regulations among young Egyptians, particularly in areas like freelancing and foreign employment.

Enroot is also deeply engaged in impact investment through its Enroot Impact Catalyst project, serving as a key partner for Impact Europe in Egypt. The initiative aims to empower commercially viable, impact-driven business models in Upper Egypt by providing tailored programs to enhance financial sources and foster technical growth. Moreover, Enroot actively contributes to the impact investment ecosystem, fostering synergies and increasing visibility for such investments. Enroot’s Empowering the South portfolio is dedicated to catalyzing change through targeted investments in youth, women, and marginalized communities. By envisioning a future where individual aspirations drive collective prosperity, this portfolio aims to transform adversity into opportunity and pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous Upper Egypt.

Enroot also offers comprehensive training in digital work, ICT, data, and analytics as part of its broader mission to enhance the employability skills of youth and women in Upper and Lower Egypt. These initiatives not only contribute to job creation but also foster growth in the private sector. Follow the link below to find out more.

Sawiris Foundation for Social Development

Since its establishment in 2001, the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) has focused on addressing the most pressing issues facing the most marginalized Egyptians, such as poverty, unemployment, provision of health services, and lack of access to quality education. SFSD has funded and delivered programs aimed at achieving comprehensive and sustainable development, in partnership with the governmental and private sectors as well as civil society. Initiatives such as their Micro-Enterprise Development Program, their Women’s Empowerment Program and their Scholarship Program have resulted in the creation of thousands of job opportunities and increased access to quality education and basic services for more than 280,000 beneficiaries living across 24 governorates.

April 5, 2024

Atassi Foundation

Born out of the first private art gallery in the Syrian city of Homs, the Atassi Foundation for Arts and Culture was founded in 2016 to preserve and promote modern and contemporary art and archives from Syria and foster critical thinking and research through knowledge production. The Foundation also focuses on advancing the Syrian artistic scene through capacity building and creating a bridge between the past and the future of art production. With its range of exhibitions, online archives, talks, panels, journals, publications, writer’s prizes, auctions and other events, the Atassi Foundation aims to broaden international awareness while supporting Syria’s arts community.

One of its most recent projects is the Modern Art of Syria Archive (MASA), an online archive that serves as a cultural preservation and research project to encourage international interest in Syrian art and create a vital resource for anybody wishing to learn more about the subject.

April 6, 2024

American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut (AUB) has a mission to prepare ethical leaders for just, peaceful, resilient, and relevant societies. It aims to serve the peoples of the Middle East and beyond by sharing common values of freedom of thought and expression, tolerance, honesty and respect for diversity and dialogue. Its campaign BOLDLY AUB is raising funds to enrich the educational and research experience of students and faculty, prioritize innovation and entrepreneurship, and engage with communities in the region to achieve real impact. It includes support for scholarships and for Vision 2030, AUB’s ambitious plan to become a university defined by its liberal arts ethos in education, excellence in research, compassionate medical care, and an abiding commitment to Lebanon and the Arab world. 

    John D. Gerhart Center

    The John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy, Civic Engagement and Responsible Business – part of the business school at the American University in Cairo – promotes social change in the Arab region through building a culture of effective giving, corporate social responsibility, and civic responsibility. Through fellowships, seminars, conferences, publications and digital platforms, it aims to help young Arabs develop into leaders who are civically engaged and who positively impact society through social entrepreneurship, mentorship, and creativity. Two of its current capacity development programs are the Project Management Course for Development Practitioners, which aims to create a stronger Egyptian civil society capable of managing its projects successfully and professionally, and the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) course, which is intended to equip development practitioners with the critical knowledge and skillset needed to design and implement MEAL systems.

      April 7, 2024

      CARE International

      CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice, putting women and girls at the heart of their efforts because they believe poverty cannot be overcome until all people have equal rights and opportunities. The organization and its partners have reached 167 million people in 109 countries through poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid programs.

      Until the end of April, CARE is matching all single-gift donations to fund its work helping the world’s most vulnerable, from Gaza to Sudan, Ukraine to Yemen. 

        The Asfari Foundation

        The Asfari Foundation helps communities and youth tackle the numerous socioeconomic challenges they face, with a focus on building skills in innovation and entrepreneurship and supporting young entrepreneurs to develop sustainable social enterprises. The organization’s funding helps local groups grow, develop, and prioritize their own resources in response to the challenges they identify in their evolving contexts, while a percentage of each grant they provide is earmarked for capacity development in a variety of forms, including organizational development and supporting the professional development of individuals within organizations. The Asfari Foundation also provides non-grant support in areas such as advice, networking, and capacity building, and supports research to help raise awareness among the general public, inform civil society, and encourage policymakers to take properly informed action. 

          April 8, 2024


          The Greenish foundation aims to raise awareness about environmental issues facing local communities in Egypt and offers solutions through art, capacity building, and awareness campaigns. One of its core programs is Greenish Clubs, which runs in parallel with the academic year in Egypt and offers students the chance to learn about environmental issues through workshops and then develop their own green social entrepreneurship ideas or community-based solutions. Finally, students go through a bootcamp to improve the feasibility of their concepts and several are selected for financial awards – including, most recently, projects for helping people start their own roof gardens, a clothing exchange program, and organic waste recycling.

            SOS Children’s Villages

            SOS Children’s Villages International is the umbrella organization for the global federation of national SOS Children’s Villages associations, all working toward a single goal: to ensure every child grows up with love, security, and respect. Together, the associations support over 553,600 people in 135 countries with work that ranges from family strengthening programs and emergency relief to healthcare and education. SOS Children’s Villages focuses on providing long-term practical support to allow each child or young person to develop resilient relationships that help them deal with life’s challenges.

              April 9, 2024


              The Tawasal foundation is a nonprofit community development institution working with disadvantaged communities in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, the Syrian-Jordanian borders, and Iraq, focusing on those affected by disasters and conflicts. The organization uses training and psychological, social, and economic support to empower the most vulnerable families, protect and develop the cultural heritage of communities, and help children flourish. It works with communities to identify their priority issues and then runs a range of programs and projects – including media, artistic, and cultural initiatives – to support and lift up local and grassroots institutions. Tawasal is currently working with local groups in Gaza to ensure essentials like food, clothing, and medical care get to those who need them most. You can support their efforts through the AFF Pooled Fund using the link below.

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