Tawasal Foundation

RED NOSES International


President: Rima Muhammad Melhem
Established: 2012
Type: Community Foundation
Focus Region: Arab region/MENA/SWANA
Sectors: Humanitarian


The Tawasul Foundation is a non-profit regional community development institution that works with disadvantaged communities and the first concern in countries affected by disasters and conflicts. Its focus is on Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, the Syrian-Jordanian borders, and Iraq through training, psychological, social and economic preparation, and economic empowerment of the most vulnerable families, development of the cultural heritage of communities and refining children’s abilities, and to show them to the world with distinguished talents.

We work to adopt a culture of youth volunteering and international initiatives. Our approach includes a range of programs and projects that work together to enhance the initiative and facilitate the treatment of issues identified by community members as a priority.

The main programs on which Tawasul is based are child development and refining their capabilities, youth development through media, artistic and cultural programs, organizing women in vocational programs to adopt a culture of work and production, and supporting society and grassroots institutions.

Tawasul, which extends today across Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine and operates through a strong network of partnerships with civil society, government agencies, and voluntary efforts that contribute to delivering a message and a goal bearing the name of Tawasul to connect our societies.


Tawasul’s mission is to promote the scientific, cultural, artistic, vocational, and humanitarian approach among youth and women, and in areas of first concern and areas of refuge.


Embracing young talents, children, women’s creativity, and the desired diversity of abilities and talents. Promoting justice, serving marginalized communities, combating poverty, rehabilitating and training targeted communities, enhancing confidence in youth energies, and finding alternatives to limited income.


The Foundation specializes in rehabilitating and training youth and women and empowering them in the professional, scientific, cultural, artistic, and sports aspects of the targeted communities. It works to enhance confidence in the available youth energies, publicize them and their success stories, find alternatives to limited job opportunities, and combat poverty and school dropout issues. It also works in the humanitarian relief aspect also in times of crises, conflicts and wars.

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