Sawiris Foundation for Social Development

Sawiris Foundation


Executive Director: Noura Selim
Established: 2001
Type: Independent & Family Foundation
Focus Region: Egypt
Sectors: Socio-Economic Development, Education, Health


The Sawiris Foundation was founded in April 2001 as a grant-making foundation. Set up with an endowment from the Sawiris family – which is made up of prominent members of the business world and the development community – it is one of the first family donor foundations dedicated to social development to be established in Egypt. In 2005, the Foundation was granted special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Sawiris Foundation’s focus, mission, and work have evolved from the collective thinking of like-minded individuals within the international development community.


To contribute to Egypt’s development, create sustainable job opportunities, and empower citizens to build productive lives that realize their full potential. The foundation supports initiatives that encourage job creation through training, education, and access to microcredit. Furthermore, they enhance efforts to improve health and further the endeavors of local communities to improve infrastructure and gain access to basic services.


The Sawiris Foundation was founded on the belief that development is only sustainable when its beneficiaries are equal partners in the process. We aspire to be a recognized pioneer in the provision of innovative and sustainable development initiatives, promoting increased empowerment of – and participation by – the people of Egypt.


  • Training for employment, to meet the need for a skilled workforce and open up opportunities for employment
  • Community development, to improve living conditions and access to modern educational facilities
  • Health, to foster greater well-being and, in turn, productivity
  • Micro-credit, to promote self-employment and enterprise development
  • Literary awards, to revitalize literature and promote talent and creativity
  • Scholarships, to give outstanding students the opportunity to pursue quality education, locally and internationally


  • Egypt’s Development Marketplace 2012 – with the World Bank
  • ENID Rural Development and Off- Farm Employment
  • Establishing the first visually impaired English language lab in Egypt and the Middle East
  • Advanced Seaman – Arab Institute of Navigation
  • Hand in Hand to Build a New Future – Egyptian Association for Comprehensive Development
  • Job opportunities for the unemployed – Al-Wafaa Charity Foundations
  • Reintegration support for Libya returnee Egyptian migrant workers
  • Sawiris Foundation’s Loans – Cairo and Helwan
  • Preventing hepatitis C virus infection among garbage collectors
  • Reducing poverty & improving environmental and health conditions
  • Virus C-Free Child
  • Establishing a Viral Hepatitis Unit in the Suez Fever Hospital
  • “Schools for Egypt” Project with UNICEF
  • Improve the lives of street and at-risk children – I the Egyptian Foundation
  • Shelter center for street girls – Banati
  • Sohag Military School
  • Health and Hope Oasis
  • Sawiris Cultural Award
  • Scholarships:
    • National (E-learning Scholarship Program, Gouna Technical Nursing Institute Scholarship)
    • International (Onsi Sawiris Scholarship, SFSD- DAAD Scholarship, Technische Universitat Berlin (TUB) Campus El Gouna Scholarship, Don Bosco Institute Scholarship, LL.M. Scholarship Program)


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