Sanad Society

RED NOSES International


Executive Director: Yasmine El Hagry
Established: 2008
Type: Social Enterprise, NGO
Focus Region: Arab region/MENA/SWANA
Sectors: Youth


Sanad for Alternative Parental Care is a non-profit civil society registered legally with the Ministry of Social Solidarity under the name “Wataneya for Development of Orphanages” since 2008, with the aim of creating a world where orphans shape their future.

Since its establishment, Sanad has been introducing innovative solutions to reform the alternative care ecosystem in Egypt and ensure a better future for children and youth without parental care. Throughout its journey, Sanad has offered a wide range of services in the alternative care field. This includes the development of care homes, training for caregivers and professionals, enhancement of the Kafala system, preparation of youth for self-reliance and aftercare, contributions to legislative advancements, and active engagement in knowledge creation and dissemination through research and publications, as well as participation in regional and international conferences and forums.


Strengthening the alternative parental care system through standardization, research, certified training, and advocacy, so that every orphan can realize their uniqueness and potentiality.


A world where orphans shape their future.


Care Leavers’ Program
Child & Youth Development Program
Caregivers/Social Workers Accredited Training Programs
Quality Standards Assessment
Care Homes Development
Sanad Conference
Youth Forum
Youth Leadership Program
Alternative Care System Consultation


Technical Report 2022 – 2023


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