Saleh Abdullah Kamel Humanitarian Foundation

Saleh Abdullah Kamel Humanitarian Foundation


CEO: Hammam Zare
Established: 2019
Type: Family Foundation
Focus Region: Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Sectors: Humanitarian


The Saleh Abdullah Kamel Humanitarian Foundation (SAKHF) is a non-profit organization that offers support and original, innovative solutions to building a productive and symbiotic society. The Foundation focuses on integration and partnerships with a social impact that balances the dignity of living with sustainability. 


SAKHF takes its inspiration from the personality and noble mission of its founder and his philosophy of life, namely, the development of humanity. In a world of changing interests, needs, and challenges, it remains constant in its aims to deepen the spirit of solidarity among all people, while keeping pace with that change – building integrated partnerships that pave the way to greater balance, sustainability, and integrity within society.


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