RIWAQ – Centre for Architectural Conservation

RED NOSES International


Website: riwaq.org

Director: Shatha Safi
Established: 1991
Type: Community Foundation, Non-governmental Organization
Focus Region: Arab Region/MENA/SWANA; Palestine (mainly the West Bank & Gaza Strip)
Sector: Arts & Culture


RIWAQ was set in motion in 1991 when a group of enthusiasts organized an effort to save historic buildings in Palestine. RIWAQ’s mission is to protect, restore, and rehabilitate the architectural and cultural heritage in Palestine through its main programs: the Restoration Program; the Regeneration of the 50 Most Significant Historic Centers; and the Community and Cultural Program. RIWAQ contributes to the production and dissemination of knowledge about heritage through its programs. Since 2001, Riwaq has restored more than 130 community centers and provided more than 500,000 direct workdays on-site for Palestinian workers.


Working to restore and revive the cultural and natural heritage in Palestine, document and preserve it, through mobilizing resources, implementing programs and projects, and contributing to drafting supportive policies and building partnerships that lead to increased knowledge exchange and national awareness.


Cultural and natural heritage that thrives and enjoys protection at the national and regional levels, fosters knowledge exchange, contributes to the national identity, and acknowledges the cultural and human dimensions of Palestine.


1) 50-Village Project (rehabilitation of 50 historic centers in Palestine)
2) Single buildings (renovation of historic buildings to be used by local communities)
3) Cultural Program (cultural and artistic activities)
4) Research and publications
5) Development program

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