Red Noses Palestine

RED NOSES International


Managing Director: Raed Sadeq
Established: 2012
Type: Charity
Focus Region: Arab region/MENA/SWANA
Sectors: Health


RED NOSES Palestine (RNPS) is a subsidiary organisation of RED NOSES International (RNI) which is based in Vienna, Austria, and is the headquarters for the largest clown doctor group in the world. RNPS is an organization utilizing the art of clowning to bring humor and laughter to people in need of joy. For the past 12 years, RED NOSES Palestine has been making a difference for patients, families, and medical staff in many health and care facilities in Palestine. RNPS empowers vulnerable audiences, such as children in hospitals, people in geriatric centers, patients in rehabilitation centers, youth with mental and multiple disabilities, and other marginalized groups. The figure of the clown is extremely human and touches individuals deeply by bringing them relief and hope in moments where they cannot connect to their positive emotions.


RED NOSES is an artistic organization bringing humor and laughter to people in need of joy.


  • We believe in the beauty of human emotions and strive to help people rediscover moments of happiness, especially in times and places of crisis and hardship.
  • We envision the creation of a healthier and more humane world by contributing to the wellbeing of all human beings.
  • With the art of philosophy of professional clowning we support society in reconnecting with joy, happiness and optimism.
  • A healthy society knows how to laugh and play; people living in a healthy society are connected to each other.

RED NOSES is a global movement with a clear focus on encouraging more joy and happiness in the world.


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