Red Noses International

RED NOSES International

RED NOSES International


Middle East Branch Office Mgr: Riham Kharroub
Establishment: 2003
Type: Community Foundation
Focus Region: Global
Sectors: Capacity Building and Training, Scientific Research, Safeguard Children and Vulnerable Persons 


Through the ages laughter has been recognized by writers and thinkers for its positive effects on the mind and body. RED NOSES Clowndoctors was founded in 1994 in Austria as a non-profit organisation with the clear aim of bringing humour and laughter to people in need of joy, through the art of healthcare clowning.

Since its inception, more and more RED NOSES partner organisations were set up in European countries, as well as branch offices in the Middle East (Jordan and Palestine). In 2003 the charitable non-profit foundation RED NOSES Clowndoctors International (RNI) was established. Together with RNI, the 11 RED NOSES partner organisations form the RED NOSES Group, which is the largest healthcare clown group in the world.

The tasks of RNI are among many others to build up, monitor and support the RED NOSES partner organisations and to develop common strategies. RNI also controls the artistic quality in the RED NOSES Group. In doing so, RED NOSES International simultaneously develops and ensures the maintenance of high ethical and artistic quality standards in all its clown programmes within the group.


RED NOSES is an artistic organisation bringing humour and laughter to people in need of joy


We believe in the beauty of human emotions and strive to help people rediscover moments of happiness, especially in times and places of crisis and hardship. We envision the creation of a healthier and more humane world by contributing to the well-being of all human beings. With the art of philosophy of professional clowning we support society in reconnecting with joy, happiness, and optimism. A healthy society knows how to laugh and play; people living in a healthy society are connected to each other. RED NOSES is a global movement with a clear focus on encouraging more joy and happiness in the world


Children in Hospitals, Children with Disabilities, Elderly People and People in Crisis.