Life for Relief and Development (LIFE)

RED NOSES International



President & CEO: Dr. Hany Saqr
Established: 1992
Type: Charity, Relief & Development
Focus Region/Countries: Global, Latin America, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Gaza, Ghana, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, U.S.,  West Bank, Yemen
Sectors: Humanitarian, Health & Safety


At Life for Relief and Development, we are deeply committed to promoting compassion, empathy, and dignity for all individuals. Our programs and initiatives focus on providing emergency relief and sustainable development solutions that help communities become self-sufficient and resilient.

We strive to bring hope and healing to communities affected by crises by addressing their basic needs. Our support for sustainable development efforts empowers communities to rebuild their lives in ways that are self-sufficient and dignified.

Our goal is to create a more just and equitable world. To achieve this, we build strong partnerships and advocate for increased public awareness of humanitarian issues. We are dedicated to maximizing our impact and creating lasting change in the communities we serve.


The mission of Life for Relief and Development is to serve humanity, relieve suffering, and promote dignity and self-reliance among people affected by crises.


A world that upholds the rights of all and helps every man, woman, and child thrive.


Emergency Relief
– Distribute emergency food aid
– Provide emergency medical treatment
– Provide clean water and sanitation
– Build or provide temporary housing and tents
– Distribute clothing, coats, and blankets
– Distribute medicines, medical supplies, and first-aid kits

Health and Safety
– Provide basic healthcare and checkups
– Provide wheelchairs and assistive devices for disabled
– Hearing diagnosis, fit, and distribution of hearing aids
– Provide eye exam tests and eyeglasses or contacts
– Provide health and dental kits to children
– Provide medical equipment and medicines
– Fund medical treatment
– Conduct educational health and safety seminars
– Train healthcare professionals
– Offer medical student scholarships

Family Assistance & Food Security
– Distribute food baskets
– Provide clothing
– Distribute winter coats and blankets
– Provide other household items
– Provide solar power for lighting, heating and electricity

– Furnish books for schools, colleges, universities, and libraries
– Back-to-school clothing, book bags, stationary, pens, and supplies
– Community development
– Construct community centers and houses of worship
– Construct homes for displaced families
– Construct washrooms and toilets
– Build and furnish primary, secondary, and high schools
– Build and furnish hospitals and clinics
– Provide solar power for lighting, heating, and electricity

WASH – Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
– Dig hand-pump water wells
– Machine drill artesian wells with solar power
– Install outdoor water storage tanks
– Install water tanks in family homes
– Install water purification units

Orphans – Monthly Sponsorships
– Provide food and clothing
– Provide healthcare
– Provide educational support
– Provide other assistance

– Distribute Ramadan food baskets
– Conduct refugee camp and village Iftars
– Distribute Thanksgiving turkeys
– Provide foster children with clothing and toys
– Provide Eid gifts and organize parties for orphan and refugee children
– Distribute Udhiyah – fresh meat


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