King Khalid Foundation

King Khalid Foundation


CEO: HH Princess Nouf bint Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Saud
Established: 2001
Type: Family Foundation
Focus Region: Saudi Arabia
Sectors: Training, Research, Policy Development, Human and Organizational, Capacity Building


King Khalid Foundation (KKF) is the leading civil society organization in Saudi Arabia, dedicated to meaningful change and social impact. Headquartered in Riyadh since 2001, KKF supports the development of an equal Saudi society through informing public policies and debates, and the pursuit of social and economic growth, underpinned by an active and effective non-profit sector.

KKF is working to create equal opportunities for a thriving Saudi Arabia. KKF is both an operating civil society organization and a grant-making foundation. We invest in and mobilize non-profits, foundations, corporates, social enterprises, and individuals to power Saudi’s social and economic development.

Our advocacy work supports causes and policies that challenge inequality and improve the social protection framework. KKF’s work is aligned to Saudi Vision 2030 – we are a partner in Saudi’s future. KKF is an active contributor to the global SDGs, including tackling poverty and inequality, private sector sustainability, and promoting shared economic growth.


Empowering the community and supporting sustainability by mobilizing stakeholders through capacity building, social investment, and advocacy.


Thriving society with equal opportunities in a sustainable environment.


Capacity Building, Social Granting, Policy & Advocacy, King Khalid Award, King Khalid Mosque


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