Jordan River Foundation

Jordan River Foundation

Jordan River Foundation


Director General: Enaam Barrishi
Establishment: 1995
Type: Community Foundation
Focus Region: Jordan
Sectors: Women’s Empowerment


The Jordan River Foundation (JRF) was established in 1995 by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah with the overall aim of empowering communities and promoting child safety. JRF works in local communities in all governorates adopting a multi-stakeholder approach that encourages community ownership and proactive involvement of all stakeholders, be it community members, community- based organizations (CBOs), local government, youth, and women striving to explore solutions to create sustainable and resilient communities.

JRF’s approach is based on its rich field experience and extensive knowledge of the local context. It aims to design and implement tailored homegrown solutions to improve the livelihoods and resilience of vulnerable communities across Jordan by mobilizing and empowering beneficiaries to be self-reliant and supporting them out of poverty.

This extensive work on the ground paved the way for JRF to establish solid networks, gain more in-depth knowledge, and expand its understanding to serve local communities better and cater to their needs.

As a Foundation that addresses issues that affect the everyday life of Jordanians and refugees, the Foundation has garnered support and recognition locally, regionally, and internationally. JRF operates with annual revenue of over USD 20 million; continuously expanding its reach and operational capacity through its programs and projects  


To engage Jordanians to realize their full economic potential and overcome social challenges, especially child abuse. JRF works towards a Jordan for safer children, equal opportunities & sustainable growth, engaging with Jordanian citizens and other vulnerable communities hosted in the country to realize their full economic potential and overcome social challenges. JRF tailors its interventions to generate the highest sustainable impact in all its projects, and it ensures that the capacity building and coaching/mentoring programs deliver tangible and impactful results. In addition, JRF continuously assesses the satisfaction of beneficiaries and stakeholders, utilizing the project’s key performance indicators at every phase, ultimately reducing poverty, inequality, and vulnerability of communities across Jordan.


JRF envisions a Jordan where solutions are homegrown, where the opportunity to prosper is for all, and where the wellbeing of children shapes the future. To realize this vision, JRF follows a transformational capacity-building methodology in designing, developing, and implementing all its projects, activities, and interventions. JRF, through its ‘value driven’ approach, empowers individuals to become self-confident with high self-esteem; responsible, trustworthy, independent, accountable, committed, and success-driven, having clear personal goals and a vision for their future. In addition, it builds their personal attributes, creates a positive attitude towards the community, and enhances specialized skills and knowledge acquisition.


JRF has two main programs, the Community Empowerment Program (CEP) and Child Safety Program (CSP), in addition to a Training & Consultancy Division (TCD) that transfers all the tested models and global best practices to both programs. Added to these programs are various social enterprises initiatives, including the Handicrafts Design Project, JRF’s leading women empowerment project, and the commercial Al Karma Kitchen, which employs women and offers high-quality catering services for various occasions and events.

Additionally, JRF’s Queen Rania Family and Child Centre (QRFCC) in Eastern Amman and Queen Rania Community Empowerment Centre (QRCEC) in Aqaba provide a variety of preventive and awareness-raising programs to combat child abuse, strengthen the family unit and promote a culture of child safety. Moreover, JRF provides the free 110 Helpline, a member of the Child Helpline International (CHI), for families and children to empower, promote and protect the well-being and safety of children and families across Jordan.

These programs are spread across Jordan (North, Middle, and South) through 9 locations, including community centers, training venues, offices, and showrooms. Overall, they employ over 600 qualified staff with the expertise to successfully manage operations.