Atassi Foundation for Arts and Culture

RED NOSES International


Managing Director: Shireen Atassi
Established: 2016
Type: Family Foundation
Focus Region: Arab Region/MENA/SWANA; Syria
Sector: Arts & Culture


Founded in 2016, Atassi Foundation is a non-profit arts initiative that aims to: preserve and promote modern and contemporary art and archives from Syria; foster critical thinking and research through knowledge production; advance the Syrian artistic scene through capacity building; and create a bridge between the past and the future of art production. 


Through collaborations, partnerships and networks, we intend to broaden international awareness while supporting the arts community with online and event-based programming such as exhibitions, online archives, talks, panels, journals, publications, writer’s prizes and auctions. 


Our premise is to build a creative Syrian art and culture community that is globally recognized – one that produces knowledge and embraces dialogue.


Exhibitions; Online archives; Publications; Capacity Building

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