Alquds Fund and Endowment

Alquds Fund and Endowment

Alquds Fund and Endowment


Director/ED/CEO:  Mr. Taher Ahmad Dissi
Date of Establishment: 2016
Type: Philanthropy Association
Focus Region: State of Palestine
Sectors: Humanitarian


Alquds Fund and Endowment (AQFE) is an independent philanthropic organization that was established in 2015 to support the people in Jerusalem and has elite International, national and Arab figures on its boards. AQFE has carried out tens of development projects in Jerusalem in the field of education, health, economic empowerment, and renovation in addition to thousands of educational scholarships and loans. The idea of establishing the Alquds Endowment Fund was developed with the aim of supporting the steadfastness and development of the city of Jerusalem. Alquds fund and the endowment are managed from the heart of the city of Jerusalem.

The vision of Alquds Fund and Endowment is based on two essential points. Firstly, taking into consideration the priorities that serve the steadfastness of the citizens and the development of the city, and the provision of services and projects that respond to the needs of the citizens. Secondly, the projects implemented by AQFE bring about a qualitative transformation in the city’s personality with all its features, materially, humanly, and morally through infrastructure and human development in order to prevent the purchase of the city and its surroundings through the mechanisms of Judaization.


A distinguished pioneering institution that supports the preservation of the identity of the city of Jerusalem, contributes to the development of the Palestinian community in it, preserves the cultural and historical value of the city, and enhances the steadfastness of Jerusalemites in it in the face of the Israeli occupation and its policy.


1. Investing in people and enhancing their capabilities at work. 2. The Journal of Achieving Sustainable Development in the City of Jerusalem. 3. strengthening the steadfastness of Jerusalemites. 4. Preserving the Palestinian national identity in Jerusalem.


Higher Education- Economic Empowerment- Community Development -Social solidarity and relief

Sustainable Development Goals