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This short paper identifies existing indicators that can be applied to measuring progress in targets for goal 16 for the SDG/post-2015 development agenda. It uses existing sources of information from previous expert meetings and consultations which identified mostly current available data sources. It assesses these existing data sources based criteria of practicality, if they are input, output or outcome oriented, and whether they meet statistical and normative criteria. This is intended to provide input into broader efforts to prioritize indicators and targets for goal 16 and to identify data gaps and overlaps. It is a draft paper that can be further developed in consultation with other key stakeholders providing input into the SDG/ Post-2015 development agenda.

Goal 16 aims to ‘promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels’. There are twelve key targets ranging from measures to reduce violence, strengthen institutions and increase the inclusiveness and accountability of institutions. The inclusion of goal 16 in the SDG/Post-2015 framework is a large step forward in recognizing the importance of peace, conflict and violence to the traditional development agenda of poverty alleviation.

By analyzing each target and indicator area of goal 16 against a set of basic criteria including; practicality, orientation to preventative aims, objectivity and accountability, and on basic technical and normative principles, it may be possible to better prioritize particular indicators in the agenda.

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