Humanitarian Relief and
Recovery Task Force (HRRTF)

Humanitarian relief has always been a top priority for Arab foundations. In times of crisis, the Arab philanthropy and civic sector continues to be a frontline responder, providing humanitarian relief and lifesaving support through search-and-rescue efforts, medical aid, food assistance, and other efforts to support affected populations. Once the crisis phase cedes, philanthropy is faced with a bigger role in the recovery and rebuilding phase, grappling with immense gaps in basic service provision, healthcare, education, and employment, not to mention often devastated physical infrastructure.

We believe the philanthropic sector is uniquely placed to support emergency relief and recovery efforts that both enforce localization and empower communities. But, there is a dearth of institutionalized bodies that can coordinate crisis and recovery in the Arab region.

This is why we’ve created a Humanitarian Relief and Recovery Task Force (HRRTF) to support coordination and collaboration between Arab foundations and non-profits operating in crisis and fragile contexts. We hope that by bringing groups together to share ideas, expertise, and resources, the HRRTF can support a more effective Arab philanthropic and non-profit response to humanitarian crises and create trajectories for long-term engagement and for localized solutions to take root.


1. To inform the Arab philanthropic and non-profit sector response in a timely and credible manner by closely monitoring humanitarian relief needs from the onset of crises.

2. To identify recovery needs and support the philanthropic and non-profit sector transition from emergency to recovery stage.

3. To advance localization and empowerment of local communities in crisis and fragile contexts by identifying their capacity and funding needs and supporting matchmaking efforts.

4. To support information exchange towards aligned action and collaboration both on the inter- and intra-philanthropy level.

HRRTF Participants

The Humanitarian Relief and Recovery Task Force is open to both AFF members and non-members. If you would like to join, please contact Heba Abou Shnief.

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