AFF Gaza Donor Appeal
Call to Action

The Arab Foundations Forum, representing a coalition of Arab donors and foundations, is calling on individuals looking to donate and the donor community at large to support the efforts of Palestinian organizations working on the ground in Gaza and to consider making their donation – however small – to one or all of the organizations listed here.

This call to action was spearheaded by Taawon (Welfare Association), the United Palestinian Appeal, and the American Friends Service Committee, all of which are locally-led organizations run by and with Palestinians, with an extensive network of partners who are currently in Gaza, have immediate access to their funds and accounts, and can make immediate interventions to support the needs of Gaza’s population under attack.

As we go into the fourth month of the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, we have decided to open up the appeal to other organizations that are doing good, vital work to support the besieged community. We welcome two new organizations – Life for Relief and Development (LIFE) and Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) – both who have their own staff on the ground or work with local partners to provide life-saving support to Gazans.

Supporting and joining this united donor appeal is The Asfari Foundation, which has committed funding to the efforts, and which stands in solidarity and is ready to support.

Generous donors have already given hundreds of thousands of dollars through our appeal, but the assault on Gaza is unlikely to end any time soon. And even after the last bomb drops, Palestinians in the region are looking at years of recovery and rebuilding. Every penny donated makes a difference, now and for many years to come.


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Since October, AFSC and partners have been providing emergency relief to displaced people in the Rafah and Khan Yunis regions of Gaza. So far, they have helped more than 94,430 people by supplying food, clean water, and hygiene kits to women, girls, and seniors. AFSC is also working with partners to host recreational activities for more than 3,400 displaced children. Your donation will help them reach thousands more people with hot meals, food parcels, and water and to plan more recreational activities for children.


An initiative started by a group of Palestinian and Arab economists and intellectuals, over the past 40 years Taawon has become one of the largest organizations operating in Palestine and the diaspora camps in Lebanon. Donations go toward supporting their ongoing efforts to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of displaced families in Gaza, including the provision of food, clean drinking water, hygiene kits, warm blankets, and winter clothing.


UPA has been working in Gaza for the last 45 years, where they are now addressing the urgent needs of the unprecedented number of casualties and displaced people caused by the Israeli bombardment of Palestine. Your donation will go toward funding desperately needed health services, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, shelter, food, water and trauma care.


Since Oct. 7, Life for Relief and Development (Life) has been supporting besiged Gazans with bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, blankets, toys, medical supplies, and solar-powered clean water systems. They are now fundraising to send 100,000 durable weather- and fire-resistant tents to displaced families in Gaza. Any donation, big or small, will help. A generous donation of $100,000 can pay for a full container of 250 tents, which will be printed with your organization’s logo as recognition of your life-saving contribution. 


Every day, Gaza’s journalists put themselves in danger to show the world the truth about the horrific attacks on thier communities and many have lost their lives doing this vital job. Through their campaign #TheCoverageMustContinue, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) has helped tens of Palestinian journalists continue doing their brave work. With your support, ARIJ can replace equipment, including cameras, laptops, phones, microphones, and power banks; secure food, winter clothing, tents, mattresses, covers and other daily necessities; and equip journalists’ working areas with essentials such as solar-powered chargers.


AFF has also created a pooled fund to support the smaller community-based foundations in Gaza that are part of our network – even if they aren’t all members – but do not have the same capacity as the larger, more established organizations to receive and manage funds and grants.  

We will receive these donations and transfer them to Tawasal, an AFF member based in Gaza who will, in turn, support their own community needs and work with their extensive network of partners on the ground to fund relief efforts. These partners include: 

  • Women’s Program and Fund in Deir El Balah 
  • Women’s Program and Fund in Gaza 
  • Bisan Foundation for Women and Children 
  • Foundation for Social Change 
  • Alqarara Foundation for Development 
  • Atr Al Sham Foundation  

Contributions to the pooled fund can be made using the link below, via PayPal, or by following the QR code.

Please use the reference “Gaza Appeal” or “Appeal” so your donation can be properly recorded. 


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