Intro to Social Value International

AFF members get direct membership to Social Value International, a global network focused on social impact and social value. Join this webinar to discover all the benefits and resources you gain through your SVI membership.

AFF Speaker Series: Adopting an Impact Strategy

In the first session of our new speaker series, "Leading Philanthropy and Non-Profit Voices", Reem Khouri, Co-founder and Chair of Whyise and Founding Partner of Kaamen, speaks with AFF CEO Naila Farouky about how impact strategy can guide your work and increase its reach.

The Arab Philanthropic & Civic Sector Response to the Syria-Turkey Earthquakes


As Syria slowly transitions to its recovery and reconstruction phase following the devastating earthquakes, Arab philanthropy and non-profits can again play an important role by helping to bridge the pervasive gaps in Syria's reconstruction needs. This panel will address key questions around the effects of the earthquakes on Syria’s most vulnerable populations, with the aim of informing the philanthropic response during the emergency and early recovery phases.

All About the Principles of Social Value


Your AFF membership includes membership to Social Value International (SVI). To help you get the most out of your membership, we are holding a series of webinars to get you familiar with the SVI benefits and resources you have access to. This second session of our exclusive series will provide an introduction to the fundamental building blocks that the Principles of Social Value provide for all organizations to manage their impacts.

Localization of Development: The Funder-Local Civil Society Relationship


The Arab philanthropy sector has grown against the backdrop of donor-led institutionalized humanitarian aid that avoids risk and innovation and sidelines communities, citizens, and sometimes even governments in decision-making. How do we shift the sector away from its top-down thinking and toward localized philanthropy? And what does the most effective relationship between funder and local civil society look like?

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