Capacity Development Workshop: Social Impact Assessment by Foundations and Non-Profits

In partnership with Integrated International, AFF will hold a half-day capacity development module (4 ½ hrs) on the underlying frameworks, processes, and tools for social impact assessment (SIA). The purpose of the workshop is to advance understanding of the role of SIA in driving effective programmatic interventions and to build tactical knowledge on how to advance […]

AFF Speaker Series: Adopting an Impact Strategy

In the first session of our new speaker series, "Leading Philanthropy and Non-Profit Voices", Reem Khouri, Co-founder and Chair of Whyise and Founding Partner of Kaamen, speaks with AFF CEO Naila Farouky about how impact strategy can guide your work and increase its reach.

AFF 2023 Annual Meeting

AUC Campus, Cairo, Egypt

Our 2023 Annual Meeting was three days packed with engaging panels and workshops featuring experts and changemakers from across the world of Arab philanthropy, all passionate about finding ways to make giving more efficient, effective, and impactful. If you didn't manage to get your ticket to this year's event, don't worry, you can catch up […]

Introduction to the SDG Impact Standards


TO WATCH A RECORDING OF THIS SESSION, PLEASE LOG INTO THE MEMBERS' AREA Join us for a dynamic 2-hour introductory workshop on the United Nations Development Programme's SDG Impact Standards, exclusively for AFF members. Your AFF membership includes membership to Social Value International (SVI), a global network focused on social impact and social value. In line with […]

Starting off in Climate Philanthropy: Arab Region


Philanthropic organizations working in the Arab region can no longer ignore their essential role in the climate fight, but getting started can seem confusing and intimidating. Which is why the Arab Foundations Forum has teamed up with Impatience Earth to offer a series of free workshops designed to equip you with the tools to integrate climate philanthropy into your organization's policies and activities.

Members-Only Workshop: Impact Measurement and Management with SVI and SVA


The session will delve into the social value movement and its eight principles, then move on to discuss how best to measure and manage the social value generated by your organization’s initiatives. Beyond the metrics and measurements, we will also explore how impact data can be harnessed for informed decision-making, building on the belief that data is a powerful tool for optimizing social value, amplifying stakeholder voices, and ensuring meaningful allocation of philanthropic resources.

Member-Exclusive Workshop: Fundraising Strategies


During this two-hour workshop led by the Youssef Tabsh Foundation, participants will learn about nine different fundraising approaches, the pros and cons of each, their requirements, and when to best used them, all backed by real-life examples from NGOs around the Arab region. If you have ever felt that your organization's funding options were limiting its impact or its ambition, this session is for you.

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