Impact Measurement and Management

18 May, 1 June, and 15 June

Online – For members only

In partnership with Social Value International (SVI), AFF held a series of capacity development modules during the months of May and June 2022 “Impact Measurement and Management”.  The masterclass sessions delivered by Social Value International (SVI) exclusively for Arab Foundations Forum members provided attendees with the building blocks to develop their journey of measuring and managing impacts.

The three interactive sessions provided opportunities to examine best-practice and share experiences on challenges and solutions to creating more impactful investments and activities.

The ultimate aim of the program was to examine the key requirements needed to effectively embed impact management, sustainable development and contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the decision-making structures and systems of organizations.

The program brought together key complementary frameworks based on the Principles of Social Value and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) SDG Impact Standards, to examine how to effectively measure the impacts of activities and investments, the need to focus on the impacts of materially affected stakeholders and manage impact performance, and how to effectively embed sustainable development and an approach to managing for impacts.

The series was held exclusively for AFF members and materials can only be accessed through the members portal.

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