Past Activities

Social Marketing and Behavior Change Communication
Muscat – Oman
January 22 – 24, 2018

Arab Foundations Forum  held its first capacity building module in 2018 in collaboration with. Oman LNG Development Foundation (ODF)   This module was a three-day program intended to create more effective social marketing campaigns in the Arab region. It providing training on how to deliver effective and sustainable behavior change interventions based on proper planning, strategy, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

Facilitated by Saad Darwazeh, the workshop employed an interactive approach and engage participants. It comprised theory, workgroup discussions, case studies, individual projects and group presentations. Some of the topics that were focused on included:

  • Creating a problem statement for a social marketing plan
  • Explaining the formative audience research process and how it is used to identify, segment, and understand the target audience as well as determine their stage of behavior change
  • Developing a detailed intervention design based on selected strategies and audience research findings
  • Developing an implementation plan for a social marketing program, including creative development and media mix

This program was attended 25 participants including  AFF members:  Oman LNG Development Foundation (ODF), New York University Abu Dhabi and Alqasimi Foundation for Policy Research.


Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Beirut – Lebanon
Feb 26 & 27, 2018

This course, facilitated by Amin Nehme, training expert and founder of the Lebanese Development Network, was designed to provide a hands-on experience in the preparation and delivery of speeches within a public setting or even a group discussion.

This module aimed to equip participants with the practical skills and the necessary knowledge to express themselves clearly, with confidence and power, in a variety of speaking situations. 

Participants were exposed to essential presentation techniques for how to plan and structure an effective presentation; create an informative and persuasive framework; develop ideas and efficient delivery methods; and finally overcome anxiety, fear and nervousness when making a presentation. 

It was attended by 15 participants representing AFF members: The American University of Beirut (AUB), SOS  Children’s Villages, Taawon and Hani Qadumi Scholarship Foundation (HQSF) along with representatives from CCT and Taghziah and Skoun.


Abu Dhabi – UAE
March 28 & 29, 2018

Arab Foundations Forum held its third capacity building module in 2018 in collaboration with New York University Abu Dhabi.

This two-day workshop, led by Soushiant Zanganehpour, co-founder of Tribeca Impact Partners,  aimed to help participants build on or improve upon their existing measurement and evaluation framework to be more fit-for-purpose to the cause on which their philanthropic entity is focused.

The content focused on identifying the right metrics, assessing various measurement periods and methods, understanding how many resources to allocate for measurement, and reviewed case studies and complementary methodologies for making M&E a more useful, high value, and dynamic management tool to philanthropic organizations, not simply an afterthought.

Future Activities

Online Webinar
April 16, 2018

Arab Foundations Forum is pleased to announce its first capacity building webinar in 2018 in collaboration with Development Assistance Roadmap Portal in the Middle East (DARPE). We have designed a series of tailored capacity building modules based on your feedback on the topics you would like us to address.

The webinar’s Agenda will include the following:

  • Showcasing Country-Specific Development Spending Trends including Most Procuring Donors Agencies, Development Aid Priorities and Allocations
  • A walk-through of DARPE platform demonstrating how its information and data will facilitate building informed partnerships, developing and designing projects more thoughtfully

Capacity Building #5: Riyadh, KSA
October 2018 – Specific date TBD

Description:   This three-day module, led by Bassem Attar, is a journey to discover your natural leadership style and expand your ability to use other styles in different situations. Develop your “Emotional Intelligence” and your ability to understand, persuade & motivate others. Improve your management skills, your ability to plan, organize, solve problems and get things done. Create a balanced workplace through the three human values of Power, Achievement and Relationships. And achieve results by managing your team, delegating effectively and setting measurable objectives.

Lead trainer: Bassem Attar

Capacity Building #6: Amman, Jordan

Description:  Building on the success of the Inspired Leader module in Cairo in November 2017 and the request from members, AFF is co-designing this module to become one of our own foundational training exclusively offered to the AFF network.

The module is a three-day program intended to transform leadership through the lenses of values and purpose. This journey enables leaders to:

  • Become highly self-aware – learn how to shift their reactive triggers
  • Understand what it means when we live our values fully – tapping into the wisdom that sits within our values
  • Connect with and align with our purpose, which motivates us to make a difference in our work and life
  • Improve our levels of trust, influence, collaboration, and the ability to have courageous conversations
  • Solve our business challenges through a higher level of consciousness

Ultimately, the course is designed to highlight the fact that change starts with persons and only then affects organizations: “Organizations do not transform … people do … and it starts with us as leaders”

Lead trainers: Karim Ragab, Hesham El Gamal

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