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PalTel Group Foundation for Community Development

General Manager: Samah Abuoun Hamad
Establishment: 2008
Type: Non-Profit, corporate foundation
Focus Region: Palestine
Sectors: Education, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Well-Being, Art and Culture, Excellence


PalTel Group Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization established by PalTel Group in 2008 as a direct response to the growing needs of the Palestinian society. The Foundation focuses on various forms of youth empowerment by providing equal opportunities to all segments of society in education, by promoting knowledge based society, encouraging entrepreneurship, and identifying role models to inspire future generations of Palestinians. Our philosophy is to contribute to the national development of Palestine and the human development of Palestinian society through partnerships with society’s stakeholders and with the Palestinian Diaspora, since only an integrated approach to human development can succeed. The Foundation’s main focuses are in the education, technology and entrepreneurship sectors, in addition to special programs in art, culture, and wellbeing.


To empower Palestinian youth through education, creativity, social innovation and entrepreneurship. We strive to achieve this by working with partners equally committed to human development and social change in Palestine.


  • Invest in the areas of knowledge, education, educational institutions and creativity while instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation to enable youth to build a better future to achieve social change
  • Empower youth by facilitating continuous education through sustainable programs consisting of loans and scholarships
  • Create a knowledge-based society by investing in IT dissemination to bridge the digital divide
  • Empower women to actively participate in social development by supporting income-generating and entrepreneurial projects at the community level
  • Create a healthy and safe environment for all segments of Palestinian society by adopting a holistic to well-being through support for physical health and sports, and by promoting a positive and health outlook toward culture and the arts.



  • PalTel Group Scholarship Program
    PGF provides scholarships for undergraduate students on annual basis. These students are selected based on their high school (Tawjihi) grades, socio-economic status and number of siblings at the universities. In addition scholarships are granted to orphans who reside in orphanages and to the special-needs students with excellent grades. Since 2010, over 3,300 scholarships have been granted.
    Scholarships recipients volunteer to teach students with low grades at school from deprived families through “Student to Student” initiative. The objective of this initiative is to encourage the “Giving Back” vision of our company. 280 students volunteered since the launch of the initiative.
  • IFAD Program
    IFAD program provides PhD scholarships in reputable and well known universities abroad for lecturers from Birzeit University in order to enhance the academic staff at Birzeit University. The areas of study depend on the priority needs at Birzeit University. 13 lecturers who hold Master degrees have benefited from this program so far in fields of nursing, IT, engineering, media, geography, and computer science.
  • Sesame Street Project
    In partnership with International Sesame Street Foundation, special educational packages have been developed, customized for the Palestinian society and distributed to kindergartens in West Bank and Gaza under the safety theme and titled “we learn and play safely”. Events for benefited students also took place with special activities and fun.


  • Abjad Net
    In order to contribute to the development of the education in Palestine and the digital education in specific, PalTel Group Foundation launched the Abjad Net Program to connect more than 1000 governmental schools in WB in addition to providing computer whenever necessary. The program also includes converting some school curriculum books into electronic copies to help bridge the digital gap in our education system and enhance the education process.
  • Paltel Technology Fund, “PC Initiative”
    Paltel Group supported the technology sector for the sixth year through a number of initiatives and programs, which are implemented through the Paltel Group Technology Fund, “PC Initiative.” In the last two years, Paltel Group established and equipped 18 computer labs for the blind, 15 labs for the deaf and 17 for the orphanages. Since its launch, PC Initiative has supported 267 different organizations in which 84 of them received computer labs and 183 received one to three computers, with a total number of over 900 donated computers.

Entrepreneurship Programs

  • Code for Palestine “We Code”
    “We Code” is a project launched by Jawwal and implemented by Paltel Group Foundation. It is a three-year program that aims to educate students in the fields of computer science and entrepreneurship. The program started off with a two-week summer camp, at Paltel Group Club and Training Center in Jericho, where 24 students, aged 14, were taught coding by students/graduate instructors from Stanford University. They also participated in entrepreneurship and business from local instructors. Each year students will participate in the two-week summer camp and then continue with year-long weekly sessions to finalize the computer science models designed for the three years period.
  • Hour of Code
    600 students from 16 different public, private, and UNRWA schools were hosted at Jawwal’s Headquarters to learn coding for one hour and received a certificate of completion. The Foundation will continue working on this project and getting more schools and universities to join.

Well-being Programs

  • The Right for Decent Life
    Paltel Group Foundation believes that securing a sustainable source of living for the most deprived Palestinian families and reducing poverty is the best way to teach them how to alleviate their living standard to cover their different needs through providing them with income generating projects. These families are selected based on their potential physical and human resources to manage the income generating project of their choice and training them to sustain their projects. The program has helped around 200 families till present.
  • Arts and Culture Grant
    This grant is provided with the goal of supporting and funding new opportunities for cultural and artistic centers in Palestine. The grant contributes to new productions, tools, technologies and skill development in institutions that vary from theaters to youth organizations to sport clubs. Over the past two years, 30 cultural institutions have benefited from this grant.


  • The Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity (PIA)
    The Award is pioneered by our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Sabih Al Masri, a leading businessman and philanthropist whose vision and fortitude has reinstated hope among many Palestinians both in his homeland and in the distant Diaspora.
    PIA is a program implemented by PalTel Group Foundation to honor exceptional institutions, exceptional projects and exceptional individuals with special needs for their distinguished performance, leading innovative initiatives, creativity in all sectors. The award is also meant to shed light on role models with creative experiences to encourage the Palestinian people. PIA is not limited to providing grants to winners but also tracks the progress of the projects submitted by the winners, since these projects have the potential to affect society.

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