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Makhzoumi Foundation

President: May Makhzoumi
Establishment: 1997
Type: Family Foundation/National Civil Society Organization Focus Region: Lebanon
Sectors: Advocacy & Awareness, Agriculture, Relief Services


Makhzoumi Foundation is a private Lebanese non-profit organization, established in 1997 by Mr.Fouad Makhzoumi, and chaired by Mrs. May Makhzoumi. The foundation contributes through its programs to the civil society development by providing its services to Lebanese Citizens throughout Lebanon.


The Foundation is working towards the evolution of the Lebanese Civil Society, the enhancement of the potential of the Lebanese human resources, and the enforcement of self-responsibility and independence. Furthermore, Makhzoumi Foundation emphasizes on the importance of Environmental Preservation as well as encouraging and encompassing of good healthcare and education.


The Makhzoumi foundation’s programs are structured in a way that would lead to better literacy and experience to catch up with the globalization tide, and to help equip the people of Lebanon with enough experience to contribute to the growth of Lebanon.


  • The evolution of the Lebanese Civil Society.
  • Encouraging the quest of Education.
  • Enhancement of the Potentials of Lebanese Human Resources
  • Enforcement of Self-responsibility & independence.
  • Emphasizing the importance of Environment Preservation.
  • Encompassing Good Health Care.


  • Training Centers Program: provides trainees with educational, technical and vocational skills. The courses are tailored to cater for the requisites of the labor market and the challenges of the twenty first century.
  • Micro-Credit Program Profile: provides efficient and tailor-made financial services to Lebanon's low-income group of the population, making the Foundation’s Micro Credit Program one of the leading microfinance programs in Lebanon.
  • Makhzoumi Foundation Agriculture/Environment: the aim of the Program is to preserve and care for the Environment. This program includes several activities and projects with a view to the protection, preservation and improvement of the environment and the agricultural sector in the country.
  • Makhzoumi Foundation Healthcare: The program aims at creating a healthcare network providing Lebanese citizens with medical care at least possible cost
  • Makhzoumi Foundation Awwareness Program: aims at disseminating information and knowledge, at raising awareness on issues of public concern and at mobilizing potentials and building capacities. Its goals are achieved through the implementation of activities such as: Children’s Activities, Craft Workshops, Seminars/Conferences, and Projects.

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