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King Khalid Foundation

Director General: HRH Princess Banderi bint Abdulrahman AlFaisal
Establishment: 2001
Type: Multi-purpose Fundraising Foundation
Focus Region: Saudi Arabia
Sectors: Training, Research, Policy Development, Human and Organizational, Capacity Building


King Khalid Foundation (KKF) is the leading philanthropic institution aimed at improving social and economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. KKF uses its resources and expertise to make a positive impact in people's lives and works in partnership with other organizations to provide innovative solutions to critical social and economic challenges in the Kingdom. Whether it funds social and economic development projects; works on the human and organizational capacity building within the nonprofit sector; provides grants to nonprofit organizations; or awards citizens, non-profit organizations and corporations for their social responsibility and contributions, KKF provides people with the support and recognition necessary to strengthen the country’s social and economic position.


To positively impact peoples' lives by providing innovative solutions to critical socio-economic challenges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To be the leaders and role models in the philanthropic and development work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Capacity Building: Capacity building programs focus on building the sector of NPOs members at different levels all over the Kingdom. It focuses on NPO capacity, i.e. planning skills, designing intervention based on NPOs’ needs, monitoring and evaluation, board governance, managerial and leadership skills, financial skills, and other issues. KKF focuses on practical skills and hands on experience and works with NPOs to shift their focus and activities from charitable to sustainable development.
  • Incubation Program: this program aims to empower and build the capacity of NPOs, medium or large-sized, registered under the Ministry of Social Affairs from five major regions of the Kingdom. This is accomplished by identifying institutional and training needs of each individual organization and addressing the institutional gaps that have been identified for each organization through follow-up training, capacity building and financial grants.
  • Grant Making: KKF has developed world class grant-making procedures that respond to NPOs’ needs and introduce methodological approach to planning, monitoring and evaluating developmental interventions as well as motivating NPOs to initiate more sustainable developmental initiatives and focusing on outcomes and impact versus outputs.
  • Dialogue & Advocacy: KKF recognizes that dialogue is an important element in the social and economic development process, and as part of its mission to create an intellectual forum to address the most important social and economic issues facing Saudi Arabia; it organizes an annual “Development Debate” as a way to bring stakeholders to address the issues. The Debates’ objective is to raise awareness and highlight the most important issues and development priorities in Saudi; propose solutions and programs that address these issues and the impact on the creation of policies and decisions of these issues.KKF’s latest campaign "No More Abuse” is an anti-domestic abuse campaign in Saudi Arabia which aims at creating awareness and at fighting this phenomena against women. KKF submitted a draft law on “Women and Child Abuse Prevention Law”, which has been adopted and passed by Saudi Arabia's Government.
  • Social Entrepreneurship: KKF believes in innovation and creativity in social and economic development work and sees social entrepreneurship as a new and creative way to engage the private sector in the development of the society. KKF supports social entrepreneurship initiatives in Saudi Arabia through:
    • Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship program for Saudis with Acumen Fund, a non-profit global venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve problems of global poverty. KKF supported 3 Saudis to attend the program in order to build the capacity of leaders in social entrepreneurship in KSA.
    • KKF has allocated grants to support organizations interested in building the capacity of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises.
  • Youth Development: the Youth program has many interventions; empower youth to actively participate and earn sustainable means of livelihood; support NPOs to serve youth and their communities effectively; provide private sector with access to well-trained potential Saudi youth employees that will be able to meet the Saudi government’s Nationalization requirements and at the same time allow the private sector to grow; assist government in addressing youth unemployment challenge and provide the government with access to effective models for scaling nationally. And Finally, KKF provides a platform to exchange of good practices and building on lessons learnt among all stakeholders i..e. Forums, conference…
  • Research and Publications: The NPOs in Saudi Arabia face a number of challenges, i.e., lack of specialized expertise and Arabic literature concerning the developmental work, regulations and administrative policies for NPOs. In order to fill this gap, KKF has developed guidelines for best practices in several areas such as strategic planning, establishment of non-profit organizations, management, program implementation, etc. These manuals, handbooks and publications have been done by experts and specialists based on international best references and books.In addition, KKF has published extensive, groundbreaking research on the country’s sufficiency line, alternative use of Zakat, domestic violence, corporate social responsibility efforts, philanthropic capital, NPO needs assessment and other topics
  • King Khaled Award: The King Khalid Award is used as a tool for social change. In addition to recognizing the best in class, it also builds the capacity of local organizations and private sector companies throughout the year. King Khalid Award recognizes the best efforts in Saudi Arabia in the following categories:
    • Nonprofit Excellence Award: This award is aimed at recognizing and promoting excellence in management for exceptional achievement of nonprofit organizations.
    • Development Partners Award: recognizing and promoting regular people's innovative solutions for addressing social and economic problems - done by the people and for the people.
    • Responsible Competitiveness Award: developing and recognizing exceptional achievements of the corporate sector in social responsibility and sustainability.

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