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Emirates Foundation

CEO: Clare Woodcraft-Scott
Establishment: 2005
Type: Public-Private Partnership Foundation
Focus Region: UAE
Sectors: Leadership & Empowerment, Social Inclusion, Community Engagement


Emirates foundation is an independent philanthropic organization set up by the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to facilitate public-private funded initiatives to improve the welfare of youth across the UAE. The foundation was established under the guidance of His highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Built around the vision of establishing a leading institution in the field of social welfare and carrying forward the philanthropic legacy of the UAE, Emirates Foundation set to empower individuals and institutions to articulate their social responsibility and give back to the community. Since 2005 Emirates Foundation has continued to achieve these aims by encouraging public and private sector partnerships and through initiating successful community- oriented projects.


Working in partnership with the private and public sectors using venture philanthropy and engagement programs to positively and permanently impact the lives of youth.


Working to inspire, empower and guide the youth of the UAE to ensure a sustainable future for the nation.


  • To support the Emarati youth.
  • To care for people with special needs.
  • Develop knowledge
  • Nurture talented and creative UAE nationals.
  • Enable students that wish to pursue further education.


  • Takatof: this program offers the nation’s youth meaningful opportunities to volunteer for important social causes. It connects them with relevant volunteer opportunities and encourages public service (humanitarian, social and community programs).
  • Sanid: uniting volunteers motivated by a sense of civic responsibility and training them to cope with crises. It reinforces the national emergency response through emergencies and equips youth with the skills to safeguard their fellow citizens.
  • Kafa’at: it delivers career development projects to inspire and empower young nationals. It creates programs to develop in-roads to employment in the private sector and help Emirati youth to pursue career opportunities through cooperation with multiple stakeholders in corporate and academic institutions.
  • Think Science: empowers Emirati youth to innovate in science. It is a platform for youth and industries to connect and develop local talent.
  • Esref Sah: educates youth on ways to manage their current and future financial and asset base. The program will grow to become a nation-wide financial curriculum.
  • Kayani: the Teacher Assistant Program initiative is one of Kayani’s projects aims to train young Emiratis who haven’t completed their higher studies and are consequently unemployed and empower them to work as teacher assistants in public schools.
  • Special Projects- Grants: Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Higher Education Grant supports accomplished graduates of Zayed University Bachelor Programs to complete a two year MA or MSc. Graduate study and three-year PHD studies.

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