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Alquds Fund and Endowment

Director/ED/CEO:  Mr. Taher Ahmad Dissi
Date of Establishment: 8 December 2013
Type: Non Governmental/ Non Profit / Community Foundation (Mix of Grant making and Operational Foundation)
Focus Region: Old city precisely and East Jerusalem in General
Sectors: health, education, environment, housing, sports, social welfare, economic development


Al-Quds Fund and Endowment is a philanthropic independent development organization that was established in 2013 by the initiative of the Palestinian private sector. The organization mainly aims to empower Jerusalemites and develop the City of Jerusalem on all fields and in various sectors. Alquds Fund and Endowment has executive arms registered as charitable organizations; one at the Palestinian Ministry of Interior under the name of “The Jerusalem Association for Empowerment and Development” and the other at the Israeli Ministry of Interior under the name of “The Covenant Foundation for Development”. Alquds Fund and Endowment has a General Assembly of 40 liable members entrusted with shaping the organization’s strategic plans and future direction. The General Assembly members contribute directly to the organization by serving on the Board of Trustees and on the various committees of the organization. The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors, which consists of 15 prominent men and women. The Board of Directors is in constant contact with the executive team members to ensure proper implementation of policies and plans. The organization is privileged with 52 members comprising its Board of Trustees, from whom are prominent Arab and International figures.


Our vision is dedicated towards serving Jerusalem as a city and Jerusalemites as people according to the most existent pressing needs. The projects that the organization implements aim to make a qualitative shift in the current reality of the city whether on the level of infrastructure or on the level of the human resources.


To empower Palestinian residents, maintain the character of the city and achieve sustainable development in the city of Jerusalem.


  • Strengthening the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem and trying to meet their needs in order to give them access to a better quality of life, education, health care and environment.
  • Preserving the Arabic character of the city of Jerusalem by dealing with any rift that can be used as a pretension for any external intervention.
  • Achieve sustainable development on all levels and in all the below sectors in Jerusalem.

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