About the Supporters


The Asfari Foundation was established in 2006 by Syrian-British businessman Ayman Asfari and his wife, Sawsan Asfari.

The Foundation has invested over £60 million in the Levant region and the UK to support the sustainability of a resilient and empowered civil society infrastructure and innovative youth, who can collectively lead a transformational positive change in their communities and countries.

The Asfari Foundation envisions a just world where people have equal opportunities to transform their lives, invest in their communities, and shape the future of their countries.

Through its programs, the Foundation supports three thematic areas: Civil Society, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge Production & Influencing. The Foundation provides long-term funding for organizational development and core costs, allowing civil society organizations (CSOs) to invest in their growth, impact, and sustainability.

For long and lasting impact, the Foundation connects actors from local, regional, and global networks that share a vision for the region and invest in knowledge-sharing.

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