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The Amal Project aims to economically empower widows and female heads of households through vocational training, the building of financial literacy skills, as well as microcredit financing and social funds.

As of December 2014, The Amal Project has impacted the lives of over 4900 women in 22 villages in Egypt and across 3 urban slums in the governorates of Al Minya and Beni Sweif.

Alfanar, a member of the Arab Foundations Forum, is the first venture philanthropy organization (VPO) in the Arab region is implementing the Amal Project (“Amal” is the Arabic word for “Hope”) in collaboration with the Future Eve Foundation in Al Minya.

The Amal Project is made possible through the generous funding of the Department of International Development (DFID) and supported by the Global Fund for Widows.

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