The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF)


who we are

The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) is a not-for-profit membership-based association of philanthropic foundations in the Arab region.

Our vision is for an effective and strategic philanthropic sector in the Arab region that engages with all aspects of society towards growing social responsibility and investment, while advancing public good.

what we do

The Arab Foundations Forum serves as a hub for networking, knowledge sharing and capacity building for its members and partners. We aim to foster dialogue and collaboration opportunities amongst our network in order to bolster the capacity and efficacy of strategic philanthropy in the Arab region.

why we do it

The establishment of The Arab Foundations Forum came about as a response to the rapid increase in the number of philanthropic foundations in the Arab region and from the need to create an infrastructure for this emerging philanthropic sector that supports a more strategic and effective culture of giving.

our objectives

  • To establish ourselves as a knowledge and resource hub for all things related to strategic philanthropy in the Arab region by supporting the sector in its various activities, initiatives and endeavors

  • To provide our members with quality benefits and services and tailoring our benefits and activities to the sector and the region, as well as providing substantive content to our members and partners through the activities that we offer to our network

  • To play a pivotal role in facilitating and spearheading initiatives around advocacy for the sector, whether on behalf of our members or in service thereof

why should your organization join the Arab Foundations Forum?

When you become a member at the Arab Foundations Forum, you join a group of philanthropic organizations and foundations that do exceptional and important work in the Arab region. You also join us as we strive to provide effective partnerships between Arab foundations and organizations working in the region.

We serve as your advocate among other global networks and partner organizations, which in turn, increases philanthropic development overall, and will assist you and your organization in reaching a regional audience throughout the sector.

As a member of the Arab Foundations Forum, we offer you a wide array of member benefits and services that we have customized to fit your needs and the needs of the sector.

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