AFF’s network is at the core of the organization’s business. Nurturing and building on this network is key to the continued success of the Forum and paramount to its future sustainability. With a focus on membership retention and eventual expansion, AFF will re-design its approach to its members, its menu of membership services and benefits and, in turn, raise the profile and the impact of the organization within the sector of strategic philanthropy in the region and globally


What our members get out of their affiliation with AFF is of the utmost importance and priority. We will enhance our membership benefits by improving the quality and substance of our pre-existing services, as well as increasing the number of activities we offer to our network – which includes our members as well as other strategic partners


Our approach to our communications and outreach is one that involves using all platforms available to us and bringing AFF and its network of members to the foreground in terms of social media and engagement within the network, as well as with other foundations and networks on a global scale. We want AFF and its members to be front-and-center when it comes to all things philanthropy in the Arab region; to that end, we aim to raise the profile of the organization by communicating our vision and mission clearly and consistently across the board


We believe data is key. AFF is committed to engaging the sector on issues related to data, research, and the creation of credible knowledge resources in order to advance the region’s role in the development on a global scale. AFF will implement a system through which it will redefine itself as a knowledge and resource hub for all things related to strategic philanthropy as regards the Arab region. Building our resource base and commissioning sector-relevant research and case studies allows us to play a key role in determining the direction of the sector that we serve. We believe in data and research because we believe that when we own our data, we own our narrative. When we own our narrative, we can tell our own story.


AFF can play a pivotal role in facilitating and spearheading initiatives around advocacy for the sector, whether on behalf of our members or in service thereof. We hope to engage in the development of advocacy initiatives that are relevant to the sector and will seek out opportunities to position AFF as a key player in this arena.