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Taawon (Welfare Association) would like to highlight the following three projects:

Project 1:  Support Palestine: An Appeal for Gaza Relief

At a time when continuous violations of the rights of the Palestinians; the last of which was the unjust decision by the American administration to move its embassy to the city of Jerusalem, our people in Gaza are being exposed to a dangerous Israeli escalation that threatens to impose an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. The Israeli escalation on Gaza since the beginning of the Grand March move on Land Day, has led to the killing of over 100 people, while the number of those injured exceeds 13,000 citizens (out of which 58 martyrs and 2,771 injured fell on 14/5/2018) leaving behind widows and children. Taawon, currently providing various means of humanitarian assistance according to its capacity, expresses its deepest concern regarding the extreme deterioration of the situation, and the escalation of the humanitarian crisis, and looks forward to cooperating with you all in providing urgent and much needed financial support to provide essential needs to support Gazans’ steadfastness and improve their living and health conditions. We urge you to contribute to meeting the most important emergency needs in Gaza Strip.

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Project 2:  From Small Producers to Needy Families

Let us continue to support our people in Gaza, and enhance their steadfastness during the Holy month of Ramadan through providing the needy families with a weekly food basket that contains fresh produce, chicken and eggs to be purchased from small farmers. Your generous contribution during the Holy month this year will enable us to:

  • Provide weekly fresh produce baskets to 4,000 needy families in Gaza
  • Support over 800 small poor producers
  • Provide over 4,000 working days to the unemployed
  • Revolving around $650,000 in the local market

$165 Supports a family of 7 members for the whole month of Ramadan

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Project 3:  Help Gaza University Students Continue their Education

35% of university students postponed their education as they are unable to pay tuition fees due to their worsening economic conditions. Taawon’s target through this campaign is to help 100 of these students continue their education. With an annual contribution of $1,500, you can help a student continue their education. Any donation amount will help!

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