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Code + Design Bootcamp

PalTel Group Foundation launched a Code + Design Bootcamp during the summer of 2017 in Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine. The bootcamp seeks to attract top Palestinian undergraduates in the fields of Computer Science (CS) and UI/UX Design and provide them with an intensive offering that combines online coursework and in-person instruction by industry professionals from Silicon Valley.


  • Create a culture that embodies a strong work ethic, a willingness to take risks, and an innovative mindset that challenges the current status-quo.
  • Train students to be readily employable upon completion of the program as either freelancers, entrepreneurs, or at local, regional, and global technology firms
  • Establish the program as highly-regarded to address the gaps in education by providing a powerful and value-added experience to participants in an effort to ‘set the standard’


Students should be readily employable [freelance or at companies] and/or become highly-capable and resourceful entrepreneurs.

Summer of 2017 Pilot:

The pilot enrolled 16 students total, and involved 3-6 instructors and occurred in two distinct

  • Phase 1: Intensive phase with external instructors [July to Aug 2018]
  • Phase 2: Nanodegree completion phase [Winter 2017]

About Code for Palestine

Code for Palestine was born in 2015 out of a desire to teach coding and entrepreneurial skills to some of the brightest high school students throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. PalTel Group Foundation [PGF], recognized that there weren’t enough students graduating from Palestinian universities in STEM fields, and those that were graduating lacked some of the critical skills needed to succeed in the private sector.  Most importantly, PGF saw an opportunity for a tech-driven start up scene to help tackle some of Palestine’s problems, and realized that a culture of entrepreneurship needed to be bred in order for a start-up culture to blossom.

Code for Palestine is a three year-long program, beginning the summer before 10th grade and concluding after 12th grade.  Each year has many in-person sessions but is kicked off by a two-week camp held during the summer.  Volunteer undergraduate instructors from Stanford University have served as the primary teachers during the two-week summer camp more than 182 hours of training are given in Design Thinking and computer science and around 30 new students selected per year, through a competitive application process

The overarching goals of Code for Palestine are to:

  • Drive interest in computer science & STEM careers
  • Build critical thinking and design thinking skills to complement coding education
  • Provide mentorship for promising Palestinian students, with an emphasis on including female and underprivileged students
  • Encourage entrepreneurship by teaching the skills needed to develop an idea
  • PGF believes that its support of Code for Palestine will ultimately lead to a more robust and sustainable technology sector in Palestine, driving up employment and wages.
  • Attract top Palestinian students into the field of technology
  • Provide a strong foundation in computer programming to young Palestinians
  • Sustainably develop a talent base for digital entrepreneurship that is innovative
  • Address Palestinian social issues through innovation and technology.

Students who have been awarded scholarships

Student name Grant Country
Akram Sobeih Stanford University USA
Hatem Saad Allah United World College Japan
Khaled Shehadeh AMIDEAST France
Mohamed Nasr United World Colleges Germany
Khaled Zaqout AMIDEAST USA


Number of students enrolled annually in the program Code for Palestine

year Number of students
2015 24
2016 31
2017 43
2018 (planned) 50


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