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Oman LNG initiation for the month of giving is divided into four different programs:

1-      Traditional Ramadhan Iftar Campaign is a yearly initiative done by Oman LNG to distribute food coupons to 2,200 families in the region of Sur and its surrounding areas. The total cost of this campaign for the whole month of Ramadhan will be around USD 182,000.

2-      Oman LNG Ramadhan Iftar Donation is an initiative aims to distribute electronic home appliances (including Air Conditioning Units and fridges) for 100 families in 5 different regions throughout Oman. The distribution of these appliances will be done in coordination with a local specialised team called “Together We Build Team”.

3-      A Safe Ramadhan Campaign is an initiative aims to reduce road accidents in the holy month of Ramadhan by distributing 20,000 Iftar boxes to drivers at traffic lights in different regions in Oman (including Muscat, Sohar and Sur). The Campaign will be in coordination with Royal Oman Police (ROP) for a duration of 20 days during the Holy month of Ramadhan with the support of 2,000 volunteers from all over Oman.

4-      “Ghazi Activities” is an annual event that combines different activities for the local community to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadhan. These activities are combinations of sport, intellectual, cultural and Islamic events. Please note that the Ghazi Activities are held for three weeks only during the Holy month of Ramadhan, as presented in the below schedule.

Date (Gregorian Calendar) Date (Islamic Calendar) Events
20 May 04 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day One).
  • Ladies Cultural Competition (Day One)
21 May 05 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Two)
  • Gents Cultural Competition (Day One)
22 May 06 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Three)
  • Ladies Cultural Competition (Day Two)
23 May 07 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Four)
  • Beach Volleyball Competition (Day One)
  • Gents Cultural Competition (Day Two)
24 May 08 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Five)
  • Beach Volleyball Competition (Day One)
25 May 09 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Six)
  • Beach Volleyball Competition (Day One)
  • Poetry event.
26 May 10 Ramadhan
  • Beach Volleyball Competition (Day One)
  • Ladies Sports Day (Day One)
27 May 11 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Seven)
  • Beach Volleyball Competition (Day One)
  • Chess Competition (Day One)
  • Gents Cultural Competition (Day Three)
28 May 12 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Eight)
  • Beach Volleyball Competition (Day One)
  • Chess Competition (Day Two)
  • Ladies Cultural Competition (Day Three)
29 May 13 Ramadhan
  • Beach Volleyball Competition (Day One)
  • Gents Cultural Competition (Finals)
  • Ladies Sports Day (Day Two)
30 May 14 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Nine)
  • Chess Competition (Finals)
31 May 15 Ramadhan
  • Lecture event
01 June 16 Ramadhan
  • Islamic Chanting.
02 June 17 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Day Ten)
03 June 18 Ramadhan
  • Football Tournament (Final)
  • Ladies Sports Day (Finals)
04 June 19 Ramadhan
05 June 20 Ramadhan

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