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Bring joy and laughter to little oncology patients/children in oncology wards

RED NOSES Clowndoctors regularly visit children in the King Hussein Cancer Centre. In bedside visits, teams of two clowndoctors provide psychosocial support for severely sick children dealing with lengthy hospital stays and painful therapies. They bring humour and laughter – moments full of happiness and play that allow children to reconnect to a carefree childhood. The Jordanian professionally trained artists create a bright and relaxed atmosphere and foster sustainably the children’s ability to cope with stressful situations. The Clowndoctors work individually with every patient as they have to capture the needs of each person. During the interaction with the Clowndoctors, patients, but also family members and medical staff are imbued with new perspectives and empowered with a new zest for life. The far-reaching outcome of these performances goes beyond a “momentarily” support. In fact, interaction with the clowns can result in a long-lasting sense of empowerment that will help people to go back to society and live a fulfilling life.

For more information, contact:  riham.kharroub@rednoses.euveronika.schwald@rednoses.eu

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