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Ruwwad’s Youth Organizing Program is a regional program that focuses on education, participation and choice. It works to even the odds by helping youth access quality education, and by generating opportunities for personal growth, as well as skills and leadership enhancement. The weekly community service for youth is at the heart of the program.

The end objective is to empower the next generation with skills and experiences that enable them to become change agents in their communities. The components that make up this program are the Youth Education & Empowerment Scholarship Fund and Cultural and Business Enrichment.

The youth program operates through an annual endowment from corporations and business entrepreneurs who are represented on its board. Their long-term commitment, social investments and knowledge sharing allow us to be at once flexible and decisive in addressing the communities’ needs and in mobilizing their full participation.

The Youth Organizing Program currently runs in four countries in the Arab region; Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. It aims to expand to more countries in the coming years.

Ruwwad, in effect, is a platform for engagement between proactive citizens, youth scholars and the community.

The majority of Ruwwad’s team members are from local communities. The youth scholars are brought on board as interns. Upon completion of the internship, many opt to join Ruwwad full-time.

Programmatic Model

Ruwwad is a citizen-led model. It utilizes the community service hours of the scholars to create safe learning spaces for children and adolescents; mobilizes the families to launch grassroots campaigns that help engender social change; and advocates for access to rights-based services through various partnerships within civil society.

Youth scholars and volunteers help execute the programs. Campaigns adopt the “organizing methodology,” which enables the campaign’s community to tap into its own resources through a strong structure of leadership teams. Ruwwad’s premise is that the people are the experts on the context and they have the insights needed to nudge change. Supportive action and intervention is developed in collaboration with specialists, where applicable, but always in conversation with the community.

Ruwwad’s Youth Organizing Program utilizes inquiry-based learning, psychosocial support and the creative arts as key methodologies.

Contact Info:


Nathmi Abdel Hadi St. Jabal Natheef

Amman, Jordan

Telephone: +962 6 473 3317

Website: www.ruwwad.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruwwadJo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruwwadjo/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RuwwadJo





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