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Spearheaded by AFAC, the Arab European Creative Platform is a multi-disciplinary platform that aims to galvanize the vital inventiveness of Arab and European artists and institutions, towards empowering and enabling the production of art, culture and knowledge. The three-year program aspires to explore innovative and constructive actions, commissions and productions, because we are confident that establishing a platform that probes and explores imagination and expression, engages the creative and artistic communities from both Europe and the Arab world, holds keys to allaying fearful minds and hearts and shifting perceptions. We feel compelled by the necessity and urgency to take action, because we believe the alarming crises that have aggravated the social and political polarizations, as the outcome of the massive influx of migrants, pertains to European societies in equal measure to Arab societies. As such, the Arab European Creative Platform is intentionally designed to embody a partnership between Arab and European cultural protagonists at par. We don’t purport to have ready-made solution, we are presently developing this program of actions, and partnerships with German cultural institutions on co-productions and commissions.

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