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The National Initiative for Youth Volunteering


Acknowledging the importance of volunteerism in the development of socially healthy and committed individuals, INJAZ in partnership with UNICEF in Jordan launched The National Initiative for Youth Volunteering, aiming at fostering a generation of young people across Jordan who are engaged, empowered and employable through equitable access to volunteer opportunities; and aiming at recognizing and highlighting young people as contributors to the development of their communities and country while engaged in volunteering activities.


  • Young people increasingly practice positive behaviors and actively engage in society
  • Youth are enriched with citizenship values through the development of an online social engagement and volunteerism platform
  • Volunteering opportunities are created for young people
  • Partnerships are built with different stakeholders from the public, private and social sectors in Jordan
  • Businesses and organizations engage in encouraging volunteerism within and beyond their premises, and contribute to strengthening the culture of volunteerism


The initiative uses a multi-stakeholder approach and engages a wide network of partners in full coordination with key stakeholders; The Crown Prince Foundation, King Abdullah II Fund for Development, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Social Development, INJAZ Board of Trustees and the private sector at large.

Furthermore, INJAZ will work with Greater Amman Municipality and the Ministry of Youth to ensure the achievement of the expected program target of 100,000 youth by end of 2019. INJAZ will also garner the support of local governmental actors to enhance the outreach of the project within the national community.

These partners will assist in creating volunteering opportunities through collaboration with key stakeholders, including the private, public and civil society organizations, and youth, to strengthen the institutional framework for youth volunteerism, volunteer management and incentives mechanisms.


The National Initiative for Youth Volunteering consists of four main components:

Component – 1: Young Volunteer Day

  • Youth learn the value of volunteerism
  • Youth carry on a renovation project in schools

 Component – 2: Adding the Volunteer Chapter to INJAZ core programs

  • Developing manuals for the Volunteer Chapter
  • Developing best practices for the Volunteer Chapter

Component – 3: Online portal

  • Developing an online platform that lists volunteering opportunities and matches them with registered volunteers, based on their interests and capacity

Component – 4: Social Leadership Program

  • University students acquire the concept of social leadership and social enterprise
  • Students develop social projects that are evaluated and awarded by a judging panel


Project activities have been designed to foster the engagement of youth within their communities through volunteerism and social commitment, through the implementation of the following:

  • Launching a comprehensive media campaign on a national scale to raise awareness and instill a culture of volunteerism among youth and the Jordanian community at large.
  • Kicking off the Young Volunteer Day (YVD) in public schools across Jordan. Students will develop their leadership and team-working skills, gain a better understanding of responsible citizenship, and understand the positive effects of volunteerism; through participation in a number of projects to improve their school facilities, their neighborhood and beyond.
  • Revision of INJAZ programs in schools and universities to include a chapter on volunteerism, which will introduce students to the value of volunteering on a personal level, on the local community and on the country.
  • Launching an online portal to further institutionalize volunteering practices in Jordan; aspiring volunteers will be able to register on the portal to be matched to suitable volunteering opportunities that will be listed by the private, public and social sector organizations.
  • Working to foster social commitment of youth towards their communities in more innovative ways. It will enroll university students in the We Are Social Leaders program – WASL, which teaches students to develop and manage a social project or initiative that serves the needs of their communities.
  • The National Initiative for Youth Volunteering seeks to provide comprehensive online and offline support to target beneficiaries and institutions through the development of a range of online and offline services and systems.


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