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Our CEO, Naila Farouky, gave one of the Keynote Addresses at the Foundations Platform F20 Climate Week (the Foundations 20, part of the lead-up to the G20 Summit later this year) where she represented the #arabphilanthropy sector on behalf of the Arab Foundations Forum (AFF).

On September 14-17, the Foundations Platform F20 Climate Solutions Week 2020 (part of the engagement of Foundations and Civil Society in the G20 Summit) – co-hosted by AFF Member, the King Khalid Foundation – and supported by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, featured, among an esteemed roster of speakers, our CEO Naila Farouky, who gave a Keynote Address on September 17th at the session on: “The Voice of Foundations and Philanthropists in the Context of the G20.”

We are also thrilled that Arab Foundations Forum (AFF)  facilitated the engagement of our members – particularly the King Khalid Foundation as Co-Chair of the F20 (and Chair of the C20) and Sawiris Foundation for Social Development as a Steering Committee Group member representing the AFF network – at the G20 Summit, giving a strong voice to Arab Philanthropy at a global level at a critical time.

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