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03 June, 2015
9:00 AM
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Langhaldenstrasse 21 Case postale 531 8803 Ruschlikon/Zurich

Swiss Foundations 14th Annual Symposium
June 3, 2015
Zurich, Switzerland


“Act for impact or how foundations reach their goals”

Foundations have impact within society in many ways. In order to exercise their influence as carefully and consciously as possible, they must regularly ask the question of their impact: what results do we envision? Are we sure that our actions have no negative effect? How do we measure our impact realistically and in a relevant manner? The 2015 Symposium of Swiss Foundations is an ideal platform to discuss these issues and various aspects of the action and the impact of foundations and to share views and opinions. Speakers from both the scientific community and the practical will exchange their views on the social and strategic nature of this impact.

The topic of the symposium will be discussed at two plenary sessions and deepened through six parallel workshops on issues and practical problems of everyday life foundations.

The following persons are part of the programming committee responsible for the Swiss Foundation Symposium 2015:

  • Monique Bär, Arcas Foundation
  • Evelyn S. Braun, Fondation des Fondateurs
  • Vincent Faber, Fondation Trafigura
  • Marc Lauer, Mary Bendet Foundation
  • Stephany Malquarti, Fondation de bienfaisance du groupe Pictet
  • Simon Sommer, Jacobs Foundation
  • Dr. Donald Tillmann, ETH Zürich Foundation
  • Beate Eckhardt, SwissFoundations
  • Dr. Claudia Genier, SwissFoundations

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