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22 April, 2015
Washington DC, USA


The 2015 Global Philanthropy Forum Conference will focus on global challenges where business, philanthropy and government have clear positive roles to play — both separately and collectively. Regardless of the sector in which we work, the values with which we were raised, or the politics we espouse, we are all repelled by such horrors as the persistence of modern-day slavery, the relegation of a child to a life of poverty, the outbreak of disease epidemics that cut a deadly swath across whole societies and Katrina-like weather extremes that reveal gross, and oftentimes life-ending inequities and governance failures.

Solutions to these daunting problems and others can and will be found at the intersection of public, private and social sector work. These challenges are the result of broken, even malign systems that can be replaced by new systems and the soft infrastructure of effective governance. But no individual, entity or sector can do that alone.


Throughout the Conference, the unique pressures on and requirements of each sector will be acknowledged. But most importantly, all of the conversations will begin with the assumption that regardless of one’s profession, authority or source of expertise, each individual can play a role — and that role may be one of disruptor, decision maker or both.


Program tracks, teed up by Plenary Panels and analyzed deeply during Working Group sessions, will consider methods for combating large-scale social problems:

  • Building Capacity: Strengthening Health Systems
  • Leveraging Market Systems for Good: Transforming Global Supply Chains and Protecting Those Within
  • Supporting Communities in Times of Crisis
  • Mobilizing Resources: Private Equity for Development

Chronic and acute challenges, such as modern-day slavery, disease outbreaks and extreme weather events, will be studied so as to understand the ways in which business, government and philanthropic prevention and response strategies can be applied and potentially combined.

At the heart of the Conference will be Problem-solving Working Groups on specific topics, through which GPF seeks to stimulate conversations and help advance strategies that transcend sector and geographic boundaries. Chaired by skilled facilitators and seeded with key on-the-ground actors and innovators, these sessions allow participants to discover, experience and reason together.

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