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Suliman S. Olayan Foundation

Secretary General: Abdulmohsen Al-Ajaji
Deputy Secretary General “Executive”: Yousef Alguwaifli
Establishment:  1982 (registered in 2007)
Type: Independent & Family Foundation
Focus Region: Saudi Arabia
Sectors: Health – Education – Socio-Economic Development


Founded in 1982, by the late Suliman S. Olayan, who strongly believed in empowering individuals to reach their potential instead of encouraging dependence.
The Suliman S. Olayan Foundation achieves that by fostering and funding social initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare, and social development. Since inception, the foundation developed a hands-on approach to review and allocate funding to the most effective and impactful initiatives.


“Guided by the values and beliefs of our founder, The Suliman S. Olayan Foundation is committed to the advancement of a thriving Saudi Arabia and Arab World through the fostering and funding of innovative and sustainable initiatives facilitating quality education and healthcare for generations to come.”


  • Identify and support the most deserving children of The Olayan Group’s Employees (academically and financially) enabling them to receive a quality college education
  • Fund projects with long-term impact and high success rate serving a large number of disadvantaged and disabled people in Saudi
  • To preserve the dignity of refugees, alleviate suffering and long-term impact of regional crises on them (and host communities with similar conditions)


  • Suliman S. Olayan Scholarship Program
  • Annual Ramadan Program for Supporting Developmental Projects
  • MENA Initiatives

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