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Palestine for Development Foundation

President and CEO:
Establishment: 2014
Type: National non for profit Organization
Focus Region:
Sectors: Targeting Youth between the age of 15-35 years and Knowledge Seekers in Economic Development and Social Development


PsDF aims to invest in human capital, by adopting relevant strategic goals to strengthen people’s skills and capacities and support them to fully participate in employment and social life, which will eventually generate a self-reliant Palestinian economy and entrepreneurship culture that are able to create and develop innovative, competitive and creative Palestinian communities. Moreover, PsDF aims at boosting this change through a knowledge-based economy, where intangible assets and intellectual capital are highly regarded, and thus the development of the Palestinian economy is ultimately based on innovation and knowledge.


  • Promote Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Promote MSMEs as a source of sustainable employment and income generation
  • Recognize PsDF as a national partner of choice in entrepreneurship innovation and sustainable development




  • Economic Empowerment Program for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
    • Raise the standard of living in Palestinian communities and refugee camps in Lebanon by helping residents implement their own projects;
    • Provide residents with new job opportunities to enhance their living conditions;
    • Reduce dependency on external aid and create a relative economic stability.
  • The Youth Program

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