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NGO Development Center

Director: Ghassan Kasabreh
Establishment: 2006
Type: Multi-purpose Fundraising Foundation/Organization
Focus Region: Palestine
Sectors: Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, Health, Human/ Social Services, Human Rights


The NDC is the largest Palestinian organization of its kind working hand in hand with Palestinian NGOs and community development organizations to improve the delivery of services in unserved and underserved areas to marginalized segments of society and build a more efficient and responsive Palestinian civil society. Our programs and grants empower Palestinians to help Palestinians by providing NGOs the skills, tools and funds required to address social needs and promote self-reliance amidst poverty.


The NGO Development Center (NDC) is a Palestinian non-profit, non-governmental organization supporting Palestinian NGOs and their representative entities to more effectively respond to the needs of the most disadvantaged groups in Palestinian society. Through the provision of financial and technical support as well as the development of value systems that promote principles of social justice, integrity and transparency, NDC contributes to the achievement of development priorities and the realization of an effective and sustainable civil society in the State of Palestine.


A free Palestine where human dignity is preserved, and where social justice prevails with the active participation of civil society.


  1. Enhance the capacity of NGOs to more sustainably deliver services and contribute to socio-economic development through:
    • The provision of financial and technical support to NGOs, NGO networks, and unions
    • The establishment of model developmental projects.
  2. Contribute to the development of the NGO Sector to become more responsive, transparent and accountable, by:
    • Setting, evaluating, and certifying adherence to standards
    • Promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration within the sector
    • Supporting strategic policy research and planning


  • Palestinian NGO Project IV-AF: this program has been designed to deliver key social services through NGOs to poor and vulnerable Palestinians in un-served and underserved geographical areas, continue support to strengthening of the capacity of the NGO sector, and strengthen project management and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Palestinian NGO Project IV: continued the success of the previous three PNGO projects while improving implementation arrangements.  PNGOIV delivered key social services to Palestinian communities to address deteriorating socioeconomic conditions. It also contributed towards institutional development of the NGO sector.
  • Palestinian NGO Project III: funding was directed towards the NGO sector in the form of granting schemes and capacity building aimed at improving the effectiveness, self-reliance and sustainability of civil society over a period of 3 years.
  • Human Rights and Good Governance: in July 2008, several European donors – namely Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands – entrusted the NGO Development Centre (“NDC”) with the establishment and management of the Human Rights and Good Governance (“HR/GG”) Secretariat.  The funding is a continuation of their support to the sector and aims to harmonize and channel financial and technical assistance to organizations working in the field of human rights and good governance in the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Masader: established by the NGO Development Center (NDC), the Palestinian NGO Portal (Masader) is the first and unprecedented NGO Portal in Palestine and in the Arab world. Masader specializes in serving and empowering the NGO sector in terms of assisting NGOs in overcoming geographic limitations and providing them with opportunities for communicating amongst each other and among other relevant parties.

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