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Mansour Foundation for Development

Managing Director & CSR Consult: Rania Hammoud
Establishment: 2001
Type: Corporate Foundation
Focus Region: Egypt
Sectors: Education, Health, Capacity Building


Mansour Foundation is a non-profit organization involved in welfare and socio-economic development of the Egyptian society through diverse methods. Starting out as the Mansour Charity Foundation in January 2001, the Mansour Foundation for Development (MFD) was the first donor NGO to be fully funded by an Egyptian family. Year 2009, was a new onset for the foundation, positioning itself towards growth and recognition in the Egyptian society.


Social responsibility is built on passion, commitment and duty. MFD is determined to not just assist community development, but to advance and build society by offering individuals and institutions the widest possible range of development programs, mainly in education, health, and capacity building.


MFD’s vision is to become the ultimate role model for a foundation that lives up to its promises, and takes pride that funding comes from Egyptian corporations.


  • Upgrade the facilities and the educational buildings.
  • Support the unable students.
  • Provide scholarships internally and externally.
  • Prevent the girls from dropping out of education.
  • Erase the literacy of some deprived people.
  • Develop health facilities of the deprived people.
  • Support the health activities in some hospitals.
  • Provide medical treatment for the unable people.
  • Provide technical support for the NGOs employees.
  • Enable certain marginalized sectors educationally and economically.
  • Support the people with special needs in the field of sports.


  • Date “We Will Learn” Initiative – a novel Illiteracy program in 45 days
  • Till Date Youth Volunteerism Program
  • Till Date Mansour Young Business Awards
  • Empowering the Microcredit Sector
  • NGO’s Capacity-Building Courses
  • “Back-to-School” Educational Activities
  • “Hand in Hand” Athletic-Handicapped Support

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