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Arab Human Rights Fund

Board Chair: Dr. Elie Abouaoun
Establishment: 2009
Type: Multi- purpose Fundraising Foundation
Focus Region: Arab Region
Sectors: Legal Services, Advocacy

The Arab Human Rights Fund (AHRF) is a not‐for‐profit philanthropic grant making organization that provides financial and technical support for the promotion and realization of all human rights in the Arab region. Additionally, AHRF aims at promoting social justice and human rights’ philanthropy to ensure sustainable support for the long-term efforts of human rights defenders in the region.

The AHRF defines 'all human rights' as those enumerated in the International Bill of Rights and all international instruments dealing with human rights and humanitarian law. It carries out its responsibilities and programs in accordance with these rights and principles without discrimination. It is committed to operating with transparency and accountability.


  • Providing financial and technical support to human rights defenders and organizations in the Arab region.
  • Securing resources for human rights initiatives from foundations and individuals in the region and among the Diaspora.
  • Promoting social justice and human rights philanthropy to ensure sustainable support for the long-term efforts of human rights defenders in the region.


  • Al-Haq- Ramallah, Palestine
  • American University of Beirut- Ras Beirut, Lebanon
  • Arab Network for Human Rights and Citizenship Education- Amman, Jordan
  • Independent Media Centre in Kurdistan - Kirkuk, Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Lebanese Center for Human Rights- Beirut, Lebanon
  • MA’ AN Network- Bethlehem, Palestine
  • Notre Dame University - Department of Political Science- Louaizeh, Lebanon
  • Countries in Transition Initiative
  • ACT du Kef- Kef, Tunisia
  • Arab Institute for Human Rights- Tunis, Tunisia
  • Association de l’Action Civique de Kélibia- Kelibia, Tunisia
  • Association for the development of the youth cultural and civic skills- Tunis, Tunisia
  • Al Meidan- Al Qalyoubia, Egypt
  • Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth- Cairo, Egypt
  • International Federation of Medical Students’ Association-Egypt - Cairo, Egypt
  • Law Company for Justice and Peace- Cairo, Egypt
  • Lawyers for Justice in Libya- Libya
  • Mashrou3 (Initiative of Independent Filmmakers)- Cairo, Egypt
  • Sami Ben Younes (Human Rights Activist)- Tunisia
  • Sharq Media- Tripoli, Libya
  • Social Democratic Forum- Sanaa, Yemen
  • Social Development and Empowerment Center- Tunis, Tunisia
  • The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services- Cairo, Egypt
  • Tunis Center for Freedom of the Press- Tunis, Tunisia
  • Tunisian Forum for Youth Empowerment- Tunis, Tunisia
  • Tunisian Institutional Reform- Tunis, Tunisia
  • Yemen Center for Civil Rights- Sanaa, Yemen
  • Yemen Organization for Defending Rights and Democratic Freedoms- Sanaa, Yemen
  • Yemen PAC- Sanaa, Yemen

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